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Happy birthday!

Precocious 2012-11-02 Talk about a life four thousand six hundred and sixty ten
 Happy birthday!
Thanks to the people who accompanied me on that day. I am a sensitive person and always moved by some small things. I always say that I am younger than you when I am older, and that I am older when I am younger ˂ a href="about/" target="_self" ˃ Profile Page

Another festival after the Revolution of 1911

Precocious 2011-10-11 Talk about a life four thousand nine hundred and seventeen ten
Attention, everyone! One hundred years after the Revolution of 1911, another big festival has arrived. That's today! Today in history: I came out of a place on a certain day, month and year, so today is an important day. That's my birthday

The 20th birthday

Precocious 2010-10-23 Talk about a life four thousand five hundred and eight eleven
Thanks to the person who gave me my blessing yesterday. Just now, QQ Space has received 24 gifts. Maybe I didn't have a happy birthday, but it's still over. In fact, I really don't remember this birthday. Thank you very much for the friend who gave me my best wishes half a month ago

Happy birthday!

Precocious 2009-11-02 Talk about a life three thousand eight hundred and sixty-four four
One year ago today was my 19th birthday. It seems that only the instructor in military training remembered that day as my birthday, but I felt that I was a failure and didn't have a friend. Today is my twentieth birthday. Thank you for your good wishes. All my friends in college have taken care of me for a year