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Happy birthday!

Precocious 2012-11-02 Talk about a life four thousand three hundred and eight ten
 Happy birthday!
Thanks to the people who accompanied me on that day. I am a sensitive person and always moved by some small things. I always say that I am younger than you when I am older, and that I am older when I am younger ˂ a href="about/" target="_self" ˃ Profile Page

Another festival after the Revolution of 1911

Precocious 2011-10-11 Talk about a life four thousand four hundred and forty ten
Attention, everyone! One hundred years after the Revolution of 1911, another big festival has arrived. That's today! Today in history: I came out of a place on a certain day, month and year, so today is an important day. That's my birthday

The 20th birthday

Precocious 2010-10-23 Talk about a life four thousand one hundred and ninety-six eleven
Thanks to the person who gave me my blessing yesterday. Just now, QQ Space has received 24 gifts. Maybe I didn't have a happy birthday, but it's still over. In fact, I really don't remember this birthday. Thank you very much for the friend who gave me my best wishes half a month ago

Happy birthday!

Precocious 2009-11-02 Talk about a life three thousand five hundred and five four
One year ago, today was my 19th birthday. It seems that only the instructor in military training remembered that day as my birthday, but I felt that I was a failure and didn't have a friend. Today is my twentieth birthday. Thank you for your good wishes. All my friends in college have taken care of me for a year