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The second anniversary of graduation

Precocious 2013-06-02 Talk about a life ten thousand five hundred and eighty-six twenty-three
Looking back, two years have passed. Always remind me of that moment on this special day, and then break my fingers to count the annual rings. I don't know when my fingers will be insufficient. I always casually look back on my previous life, which was free before, but when I came back to myself, I secretly laughed at myself for being so young but so nostalgic


Precocious 2011-06-28 Talk about a life three thousand eight hundred and ninety-six one
I passed this period of time peacefully, this transition period of student time, and I will not have summer vacation since then. It is said that I will be very sad when I graduate. I have also sent several blog posts with affectation for several years. After that, I spent up to months "visiting" many places in Zhejiang

Days of Zhejiang Business Vocational and Technical College

Precocious 2011-06-08 Talk about a life four thousand one hundred and eighty-six nine
I often miss it when I leave. I hate this place when I am at school, but I am so reluctant to leave. Leaving is a journey, but is there such an environment for us to learn and live

June 3, 2011, a goodbye day

Precocious 2011-06-04 Talk about a life four thousand five hundred and sixty-seven two
 June 3, 2011, a goodbye day
I can't think of a title, because everything is superfluous. I don't want to write such a sad title, let alone fill the article list with the word "graduation". From September 6, 2008 to now

Youth ends

Precocious 2011-05-26 Talk about a life three thousand eight hundred and seventy-six eight
June is coming, and it is the graduation season of the year again. I think of the past years and think of me at that time, but this time, I am the protagonist

Send a friend away

Precocious 2010-12-22 Talk about a life four thousand six hundred and seventy-five four
 Send a friend away
It's a long article. I got up at seven o'clock on December 11, Saturday. It's hard for me to get up so early. I got up and sent my roommate to the army.     &nbs...

Completion of graduation design

Precocious 2010-09-27 Talk about a life three thousand nine hundred and seven three
It seems that I am a person who can't stop. In the past six months, I have taken up my topic and done it three times, once in a competition, once in a performance, and this time in the graduation design. Maybe many people think that it's very cool for me to directly use my previous works as the graduation design. In fact, it's not true. You can't write a paper

Graduation? Unemployment?

Precocious 2010-09-15 Talk about a life four thousand one hundred and seventy-six ten
Maybe, I haven't understood graduation correctly. At the beginning of September, after getting the timetable of this semester, I suddenly found that I was going to graduate, and the last year of three years of college was no longer enough for me to go

It's time to graduate again

Precocious 2010-06-05 Talk about a life four thousand three hundred and twenty-one thirteen
First of all, I didn't graduate.. Haha... There are always many things in June. From June 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th... It seems that they are all related to students. The college entrance examination is coming soon. Now I have no feeling about it. Thinking about myself two years ago, I am really a cup of tea. I don't know every day