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Summer summary

Not cold 2010-09-02 Talking about a life four thousand three hundred and thirty-one fourteen
A summer vacation, July, August, all spent in school, during which ran Hangzhou, ran Huzhou, finally returned to Ningbo, back to Ningbo, in fact, has been a long time

Summer vacation is over and classes begin

Not cold 2010-07-15 Talking about a life three thousand eight hundred and five seven
It's been two days since I started my class. I'm really tired. I run to the lab every day in hot weather. Although there is air conditioning inside, I go to the lab from my dorm

If you are not busy, silence will break out in busyness

Not cold 2010-05-12 Talking about a life three thousand six hundred and seventy-four six
On April 24 and 25, the Zhejiang division of the national embedded competition ended, and I won the worst "award". I was really depressed because I could think of many problems but didn't solve them, because the three teams in our school were the best

Embedded product development competition record

Not cold 2010-04-28 Drawing a circuit six thousand and thirty twelve
 Embedded product development competition record
I stayed in the hotel for two days. Unfortunately, the total sleeping time was less than 8 hours. I spent all the time in the stadium. From my room to see the scenery of Jinhua, I lived on the 29th floor. Each team had only one 3 * 3 working area

Lunar rover V

Not cold 2010-04-10 Drawing a circuit four thousand six hundred and sixty-two eight
 Lunar rover V
Lan Lan said that the video that asked me to take part in the competition will be sent to you today. The rules are as follows: the car will start automatically according to the black line on the ground and stop when encountering obstacles. When the camera in front of me sees the red object, it will transmit the relevant image to the upper computer (controlling the computer), and measure the red

Embedded training p

Not cold 2010-04-09 Drawing a circuit four thousand eight hundred and ninety seven
 Embedded training p
It's been a few days since I came back from Hangzhou. When I went back to school for training, I thought I could relax, but I didn't expect it would be more bitter. These days, I've been studying for more than 15 hours every day. A group of people stay in the laboratory to read and have to go to Jinhua for half a month to enter the national competition! event...

My brother's loneliness

Not cold 2010-04-01 Talking about a life four thousand and fifty-four eleven
I'm going to leave tomorrow afternoon and go to Hangzhou to participate in that damned competition. Since the content of the last article [leave for a while...] was written, many people have looked up to me. Unfortunately, we all don't understand people. Robot is still the most advanced application of the thing that little brother wants to design.. It was very