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Summary of summer vacation

Precocious 2010-09-02 Talk about a life four thousand four hundred and thirty fourteen
One summer vacation, July and August, spent in school. During the summer vacation, I ran through Hangzhou, Huzhou, and finally returned to Ningbo. It has been a long time since I returned to Ningbo

The summer vacation ends and classes begin

Precocious 2010-07-15 Talk about a life three thousand eight hundred and ninety-five seven
It has been two days since the class began. I am really tired. I run to the laboratory every day in hot days. Although there is air conditioning in the laboratory, I go to the laboratory from my bedroom

Not in busy silence will break out in busy

Precocious 2010-05-12 Talk about a life three thousand seven hundred and sixty six
On April 24th and 25th, the Zhejiang section of the national embedded competition ended, and I won the worst "prize". I was really depressed because many problems could be thought of but not solved, because we were the best of the three teams in our school

Record of embedded product development competition

Precocious 2010-04-28 Draw a circuit six thousand one hundred and eighty twelve
 Record of embedded product development competition
I stayed in the hotel for two days. Unfortunately, the total sleeping time was less than 8 hours. I spent all my time in the stadium and watched the Jinhua scenery from my room. I stayed at the game site on the 29th floor. Each team has only one 3 * 3 working area

Lunar Rover V

Precocious 2010-04-10 Draw a circuit four thousand seven hundred and fifty-nine eight
 Lunar Rover V
Lan Lan said that she asked me to watch the video of the race, which was sent to you today. The rule: the car automatically starts according to the black line on the ground, stops when encountering obstacles, the front camera sees red objects, transmits relevant images to the upper computer (controlling the computer), and detects red

Embedded Training P

Precocious 2010-04-09 Draw a circuit four thousand nine hundred and eighty-six seven
 Embedded Training P
It has been several days since I came back from Hangzhou. I thought I could relax when I returned to school for training, but I didn't expect it to be more difficult. These days, I study for more than 15 hours almost every day. A group of people stay in the laboratory to read books. In half a month, I will go to Jinhua competition to enter the national competition! event...

Brother's loneliness

Precocious 2010-04-01 Talk about a life four thousand one hundred and fifty-five eleven
Tomorrow afternoon, I will leave for Hangzhou to participate in that damned competition. Since the last article [temporarily leave next...], many people have looked at me with admiration. Unfortunately, we all don't understand whether robots or trivial things are the most advanced applications of things to be designed.. That's very