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Summer is here

Not cold 2011-05-09 Talking about a life three thousand four hundred and eighty-six three
The weather suddenly jumped to 36 degrees. I was still wearing two clothes last week. I feel hot without clothes these days. I really want to say: shit! The air is also like sb, stuffy, stuffy. After getting up in the morning, I found that it rained last night. Then I was depressed. Why did I get up and

It's very hot

Not cold 2010-08-09 Talking about a life three thousand five hundred and twenty-two twenty-five
This "micro blog" has been written for a long time, many times, every time because of various reasons not careful

With the arrival of 2010, there is hail at home

Not cold 2010-05-05 Talking about a life three thousand nine hundred and nineteen ten
 With the arrival of 2010, there is hail at home
Originally, I didn't plan to write anything. Seeing VV write an article about 2010 ship ticket, I felt very moved. So I sent some pictures to show you: such a big hailstorm, many old people said they had never seen it. 2012 is getting closer and closer. Chiang Kai Shek couldn't bear loneliness and came to his hometown to play

Snow in Ningbo

Not cold 2010-03-10 Talking about a life four thousand three hundred and sixty-four five
All of a sudden, it snowed again in Ningbo today. Although it was predicted that it might snow a few days ago, it was still very surprised that Ningbo did not have as much snow as VV in Shandong, nor did it never snow in Wenzhou. Although there was occasional snowfall on Ningbo Shanghai side, it disappeared in a few minutes

eleven point zero seven

Not cold 2009-11-08 Talking about a life three thousand one hundred and ninety-six three
 eleven point zero seven
I didn't get up until eight o'clock this morning. For the damn computer network technology test, I solved the test paper for two hours in half an hour. What a waste... Not at all, almost all blind& nb...