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One week's study

Precocious 2010-07-19 Talk about a life four thousand one hundred and eight seven
 One week's study
I have been back to school for a week. Today I have a rest. Let's talk about the achievements of this week. Although I have been exposed to embedded systems before, I am still not very familiar with C51, although other people learn to play embedded systems only after they are fully familiar with the microcontroller

Show what's busy recently

Precocious 2010-01-11 Talk about a life three thousand six hundred and fifty-seven nine
 Show what's busy recently
This is my usual performance assessment assignment for the SCM course. What I made is an electronic piano. Three pictures are the schematic diagram, my hand drawn PCB diagram, and the automatic wiring drawing PCB diagram

Some recent events

Precocious 2010-01-09 Talk about a life four thousand four hundred and ninety-seven seven
Recently, I have been working on the final examination, and I am very upset every day. I often think about how to make the final project, but I don't know much about SCM

End of term

Precocious 2009-12-22 Talk about a life three thousand seven hundred and forty-six two
Let me mention a tragedy today: the statistics code was always placed in the copyright office before, but I tried to put it in the icon collection when I changed the theme a few days ago. Today, when I went to check the traffic


Precocious 2009-11-15 Talk about a life three thousand two hundred and sixteen five
It's another sleepless night. I don't know why I didn't want to sleep for a while, no matter whether I was sleepy or not. Of course, except sleeping in class. When I went to the library to borrow books in the evening, something happened. When I took six books to the service desk to register, she