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A week's study

Not cold 2010-07-19 Talking about a life three thousand nine hundred and seventy-three seven
 A week's study
I've been back to school for a week. I'll take a break today and talk about the results of this week. Although I have been exposed to embedded system before, but c51 is still not familiar with SCM, although other people learn to play embedded system after fully familiar with SCM

Show me what I've been busy with recently

Not cold 2010-01-11 Talking about a life three thousand four hundred and seventy-nine nine
 Show me what I've been busy with recently
This is my usual performance assessment homework of single chip microcomputer course. What I made is electronic organ, three pictures, which are schematic diagram, PCB drawing by myself, PCB drawing by automatic wiring

Recent events

Not cold 2010-01-09 Talking about a life four thousand two hundred and thirty-two seven
Recently, I've been doing the final examination. I'm so nervous every day that I think about how to make the final project. But I don't know how to learn SCM

It's the end of the term

Not cold 2009-12-22 Talking about a life three thousand five hundred and seventy-five two
Let's talk about a tragedy today: the statistical code has been put in the copyright department before. A few days ago, when changing this theme, I tried to put it in the icon collection. Today, when I went to check the traffic, I found that


Not cold 2009-11-15 Talking about a life three thousand and sixty-three five
It's a sleepless night again. I don't know why I don't want to sleep all the time recently, no matter whether there is sleepiness or not. Of course, except sleeping in class. One thing happened when I went to the library to borrow books in the evening