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Not cold 2011-03-18 Build a blog four thousand one hundred and ninety-eight eleven
Because some things have not been updated for a long time, very tangled things. Now, when I plan to write something else, I see that zblog 1.9 will come out at the end of this month. I'm a little excited. Finally, I've been blogging for a year and a half. Zblog has been updated once

Godaddy refund

Not cold 2011-03-06 Talking about a life four thousand and sixty-three twelve
This week, one day at 6:28 in the morning, my mobile phone received a text message. The credit card of ICBC reminded me that I was spending abroad and deducted $5. Although it was not a lot, it made me very angry. If I could not get up in the morning, I could immediately get up and open the computer to check

Attending the plenary meeting for the first time

Not cold 2011-03-03 Talking about a life three thousand four hundred and thirty-one five
I found that I was more and more lazy. I wanted to write something. When I opened my blog, I saw that there were blog updates, reading and playing. I didn't want to write any more. I'm worried. This thought is terrible. I'm in a bad mood to write a blog


Not cold 2011-03-01 Talking about a life three thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine six
It's been more than a week since the beginning of school. I walk around the campus every day. I look at the school that has been staying for two and a half years. The students in the class are working. The job seekers are all carrying out the final "task" of the school. Is the employment agreement of the university? It's a little yellow

No passion

Not cold 2011-02-19 Talking about a life three thousand six hundred and seventy-eight four
I said that it has been a long time without passion to write any articles, there is no passion for the original blog that kind of enthusiasm, in fact, many people are the same, passion has to keep empty room, the original blog friends are basically quiet, want to look for some articles have no, but the new Legion seems to still give

Happy Lantern Festival

Not cold 2011-02-18 Talking about a life three thousand two hundred and forty-eight one
Today is the Lantern Festival, everyone happy Lantern Festival! But I came back to school. Last year and today, I went back to the school. At that time, the school gate was very busy. There were dumplings everywhere. I remember that I went out with a group of friends to play outside. At that time, because of the special

Blog down chicken 12 hours

Not cold 2011-02-10 Build a blog four thousand four hundred and fifty-one eight
Too excited, just after the new year, blog host business DBS gave me such a big gift, thief GA excited, your sister, this time is too long

Happy year of the rabbit

Not cold 2011-02-05 Talking about a life three thousand three hundred and forty-six one
Today is the second day of the first month, but this year is no taste at all, but this blessing still has to be sent! It's the new year's day. Everyone is happy to be healthy, work smoothly and have a happy family in the year of the rabbit! I wish all the friends of Bo you and Bo Meng all the best in 2011

IPv4 address exhausted, where is IPv6?

Not cold 2011-01-30 Write a review five thousand two hundred and fifty-seven seven
It's been a long time to study IPv4 & IPv6. At first, it was totally for climbing over the wall, and now it is. As for IPv6, you can see the introduction of this article or this article. I don't need to say more. Let me say that I can't make it clear. As for IPv4, how much is left? You can check this article or this article

Early return

Not cold 2011-01-28 Talking about a life three thousand five hundred and forty-five zero
 Early return
Today, I couldn't help but go to the telecom business hall to open the broadband package ahead of time and take effect in real time. The telecom business hall is really big. After I get in line to get the number, there are two people in front of me. It's OK, not many. It's much better than the industrial and Commercial Bank of China that I often go to every time with no less than 20 people