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the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks

Not cold 2011-09-23 Talking about a life three thousand seven hundred and ten four
Life, suddenly entered a bottleneck, yes, it is life. After entering September, I have been in a state of trance. It seems that I haven't recovered from the summer vacation. I seem to have been very used to this kind of life. I've been in this school for four years

Another year's electronic contest is over

Not cold 2011-09-07 Talking about a life four thousand and fourteen three
Another year of electronic competition is over! This sentence has been written several times in the past few days. Last year, I was a contestant. This year, I became a director. I changed my identity, clattered. According to Xiaobei, the annual electronic competition, four days and three pages, is a great test for the spirit, four days almost no sleep

Girl killer

Not cold 2011-08-29 Talking about a life three thousand three hundred and seventy-eight five
 Girl killer
Cut it off and I will write a magical phenomenon, whether you believe it or not, I believe it anyway. I graduated from university this year. Because of various reasons, I will find all kinds of MM chat when I am bored. Then, the point! And then I found out that most of these girls would break up with their ex boyfriends and show me their

Guys, I'm back

Not cold 2011-08-16 Build a blog three thousand six hundred and eighty five
Helle, I'm back! In fact, it's been a few days since I came back. Some time ago, the blog host was raped. Because I didn't put it on record, I found space for a period of time, so, that's it. Space, still looking, some recommend, Soga, remember is zblog! Recently, I'm still tangled with one

A few small things

Not cold 2011-08-04 Talking about a life three thousand six hundred and seventy-four five
 A few small things
Part 1: on July 15, I went to Taizhou for a visit, and I went to see the eldest brother whom I had not seen for more than a year. The eldest one is still so beautiful. It's not enough to describe the deep fish and the wild geese and the closed moon and shy flowers

Here's your T-shirt

Not cold 2011-07-29 Build a blog four thousand one hundred and ninety-six seven
 I got the lafonair T-shirt
The clothes were received, the quality was good, and the patterns were more appropriate. There was no obvious suspicion of advertising. Of course, the clothes arrived a few days ago, but I was at home, so I took delivery today. Then the first thing after receiving, cough, a little sorry, is to take down the advertisement

Zblog theme - imitating qqmailservice

Not cold 2011-07-23 Code a line of code six thousand one hundred and sixty-five six
 Zblog theme - imitating qqmailservice
I did it yesterday. There was no content. It was a very simple theme. It imitated the service center of qqmail. The theme interface: logo has not been changed for the time being. I changed the logo.gif under the style / help folder in the theme directory

A powerless summer vacation

Not cold 2011-07-11 Talking about a life three thousand seven hundred and eighty eleven
Nima's, it's not powerful. There will be no summer vacation after working. I want summer vacation. I miss my school days! I go out early and come back late every day. Recently, the company's network has been cut off. A few days ago, you can only log on QQ. Today, you can't even log on QQ

Zblog topic - manifest test

Not cold 2011-06-29 Code a line of code five thousand three hundred and twenty-one nine
 Zblog topic - manifest test
It took more than a day to imitate this theme. The original version is the theme of WP. I transplanted it to zblog

PR for money has been updated

Not cold 2011-06-29 Write a review four thousand eight hundred and fifty-three eleven
Today seems to have some of this, so, I am also vulgar. This thing, as we all know, has sorrow and joy, rises and falls, very low-key, rises to 3, my speed, in fact, is slow, three years ago only 3, this is what it is called, a year up to 1. Unlike some people