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Learn to eat mango from Dafen

Not cold 2012-04-04 Talking about a life four thousand two hundred and eighty-nine seven
Once upon a time, there was a guy named Gu Gu who wrote a blog post. He taught you how to eat mangoes. A few days ago, I went to the supermarket to buy a mango, which weighed 0.9kg! How can I eat it when I go home? When I was tangled, I suddenly thought of Da Xian's article, so I opened my computer to check it immediately

Flowers bloom for three days and fade for a while

Not cold 2012-03-31 Talking about a life five thousand three hundred and forty-two four
 Flowers bloom for three days and fade for a while
After half a month of wind and rain before last week, the school's Magnolia finally "ripens" under the temperature of more than 20 degrees for many days in a row this week, so there is the beautiful scenery above. Who knows, yesterday a sudden

A messy and regular life

Not cold 2012-03-30 Talking about a life three thousand six hundred and sixty-one four
Think of the title is a very troublesome thing, so there is the title of this article. I look forward to my recent work, but I can't do anything about it. When I get home at about six o'clock every day, I will kiss him and I can't get up any more... Sleep ah sleep, sleep to nine, ten o'clock to wake up, eat something but

Gradual restoration of updates

Not cold 2012-03-24 Talking about a life three thousand seven hundred and thirty-five six
It seems that there is almost no update in recent half a year, and the article filing office is also missing for several months

Why are you nostalgic

Not cold 2012-03-24 Talking about a life three thousand seven hundred and seventy-nine zero
The reason why people can't forget the past is that there is no better thing to replace it. When I was young, I had a lot of energy, just like if I didn't have a full schedule today, I couldn't live tomorrow, but now I just hope I can't live every day

Random talk

Not cold 2012-02-11 Talking about a life three thousand four hundred and thirty-seven zero
 Random talk
Is not a lot of young firmly believed in the years after, will collapse? Is this not lasting belief the only way for us to grow? Or is it just that we don't have perseverance? Not enough persistence?     ---------...

The year before boarding

Not cold 2012-01-19 Talking about a life four thousand one hundred and eighteen fifteen
 The year before boarding
At the end of each year, I will write something to express my feelings. 2011 is about to pass. When I look back on the big and small things that happened to me in this year, I will knock down these lines for me to express.    ...

Zblog theme manifest sharing

Not cold 2011-11-19 Code a line of code five thousand seven hundred and forty-six thirteen
 Zblog theme manifest sharing
I've been using this topic for a long time, although I haven't updated it during this period.     &nb...

Another festival after the revolution of 1911

Not cold 2011-10-11 Talking about a life four thousand three hundred and forty-one ten
Attention, everyone, that is, one hundred years after the revolution of 1911, another big festival is coming, that is today! Today in history: a certain year, month, day, and place, I broke through the void, so today is an important day. That's my birthday

feel as if a knife were piercing one 's heart

Not cold 2011-09-27 Talking about a life three thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven six
The vast earth under the sun, the miracle of life continues to rise in circulation------ Always want to be cruel, always want to ignore, ignore, don't ask, ignore, but at the same time in the psychology of their own cruel, and lonely to find people to chat, eat, grass