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Love the world alone

Not cold 2012-10-16 Read a Book five thousand one hundred and fifty eleven
 Love the world alone
When persecution relies on the name of sacred justice, when butchers become popular fanaticism, when selfishness and cowardice become rafts to escape, and when hatred and cruelty become lighted torches, what is the purpose of being human in this world? How can we measure the depth of human nature? From ancient times to the present

Z-blog theme codename released, including version 2.0

Not cold 2012-10-05 Code a line of code nine thousand one hundred and twenty-four thirty-seven
 Z-blog theme codename released, including version 2.0
Z-blog theme codename, inspired by Windows Live

Z-blog2.0 upgrading

Not cold 2012-10-02 Build a blog five thousand two hundred and seventy-nine twenty-three
Upgrading Z-blog 2.0, you can see that this article is basically complete, but

Wait for blossom

Not cold 2012-08-06 Talking about a life four thousand four hundred and ten twelve
 Wait for blossom
It is said that the potted plant will bloom. I have been waiting for a long time, but I haven't got any fruit yet! In my fifth year in Ningbo, I suddenly thought that I had never seen a large sea of flowers in this city

Play Rubik's Cube

Not cold 2012-07-31 Talking about a life three thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine four
 Rubik's Cube
It is said that the people who play Rubik's cube are smart, so I go to play Rubik's cube. This is my Rubik's cube. In fact, the Rubik's cube is just like this. If you play more, you'll have six sides. Of course, we can play like this: Huan

Nanjing trip

Not cold 2012-07-03 Take a journey four thousand seven hundred and sixty-seven five
 Nanjing trip
I went to Nanjing and Zhenjiang on a business trip last month. After reporting on the same day, I began to look for a place to eat in the evening. Originally, I wanted to go to smigo and asked her to take a walk around. As a result, she said that she had no time and could only hang around with my colleagues. Discuss to discuss to go to dinner in the new street mouth Hotel cuckoo fat sausage fish, ordered a fat sausage fish, salt

Circle of friends

Not cold 2012-06-30 Write a review five thousand five hundred and eighty-nine one
 Circle of friends
QQ circle function, which used to scare many people, appeared again in qq2012beta3. I suddenly think of a baizibaite advertising words: every circle is a classic. And every circle is a circle of communication. With their own

Want to blog

Not cold 2012-06-28 Build a blog three thousand nine hundred and twenty-two four
I want to write blog articles very much. I want to say it and write it out, but I'm too lazy to type.. Can't hurt, can't hurt

If you want to fly, please smooth the knot

Not cold 2012-05-21 Talking about a life three thousand six hundred and ninety-nine three
Everyone's heart will have the impulse to fly, even if someone like me who has a pool of clear water in his heart will occasionally have a little longing. But more people on the plane like Wang Li have the desire to fly

Facing boredom

Not cold 2012-05-10 Talking about a life three thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven three
I have always been a tangler who shouts emptiness in my spare time and full in my busy time. After the end of last month's work, compared with a lot of spare time, I was really lonely again, looking for things to do, looking for people to play, looking for books to read. My job is the same, every year is the first half of the same death