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Precocious 2011-06-28 Talk about a life three thousand five hundred and eighty-three one
I passed this period of time peacefully, this transition period of student time, and I will not have summer vacation since then. It is said that I will be very sad when I graduate. I have also sent several blog posts with affectation for several years. After that, I spent up to months "visiting" many places in Zhejiang

Days of Zhejiang Business Vocational and Technical College

Precocious 2011-06-08 Talk about a life three thousand eight hundred and thirty-five nine
I often miss it when I leave. I hate this place when I am at school, but I am so reluctant to leave. Leaving is a journey, but is there such an environment for us to learn and live

June 3, 2011, a goodbye day

Precocious 2011-06-04 Talk about a life four thousand one hundred and forty-two two
 June 3, 2011, a goodbye day
I can't think of a title, because everything is superfluous. I don't want to write such a sad title, let alone fill the article list with the word "graduation". From September 6, 2008 to now

Undertake PCB design

Precocious 2011-05-31 Draw a circuit four thousand two hundred and ninety five
Undertake PCB copy and PCB design projects. The price of PCB copy board is generally about 300 for 5cm2, which is discussed in detail according to the PCB layer and components. PCB design price shall be discussed separately

Youth ends

Precocious 2011-05-26 Talk about a life three thousand five hundred and eighty-six eight
June is coming, and it is the graduation season of the year again. I think of the past years and think of me at that time, but this time, I am the protagonist

What happened this year

Precocious 2011-05-23 Talk about a life three thousand four hundred and sixteen five
I can no longer find reasons not to update my blog. Always, very empty; Busy, just an excuse. Perhaps only I can understand why I have indulged myself in the air for the past six months. Whenever I open a blog, enter the background, click New Post, and when I

A connecting article

Precocious 2011-05-09 Build a blog four thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine eight
Check the list of articles. The last three articles were updated on 3.17, 3.27 and 4.26 respectively. It's been half a month since the last article

It's summer

Precocious 2011-05-09 Talk about a life three thousand five hundred and thirty-five three
The weather suddenly jumped to 36 °. I still wore two clothes last week, and I feel hot without clothes these days. I really want to say: Shit! The air is as stuffy as SB, uncomfortable and breathless. When I got up in the morning, I found it rained last night, and then I was depressed. Why did I get up and

Groans before returning

Precocious 2011-04-27 Build a blog four thousand six hundred and forty ten
Look, the last log was released on March 27, and it's exactly one month since the spanner pointed it out. What's more, the content is also on the record, as shown in this article

Record cancelled

Precocious 2011-03-28 Build a blog four thousand nine hundred and forty-eight eighteen
Tragically, when I opened my blog a few days ago, I found that it automatically jumped to After various kinds of difficult consultations, I found that it was a white list of vendors who were taken out of the space by T, (-. - | | | The reason is that the domain name has not been filed, and there will be SMS and email reminders when the domain name is cancelled from the record before