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the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks

Precocious 2011-09-23 Talk about a life three thousand eight hundred and nine four
Life, suddenly entered a bottleneck, yes, it is indeed life. Since September, I have been in a state of trance. It seems that I haven't recovered from the summer vacation. I seem to have been very accustomed to this kind of life, which is easy to go with the wind. It's the fourth year since I came to this school

Another year's electronic contest is over

Precocious 2011-09-07 Talk about a life four thousand one hundred and seventy-four three
Another year's electronic contest is over! This sentence has been written several times these days. Last year, I was a contestant, and this year I became a director. According to Xiaobei, the annual electronic contest, which lasts for four days and three pages, is a great test of the spirit, and has hardly slept for four days

Girl Killer

Precocious 2011-08-29 Talk about a life three thousand four hundred and sixty-nine five
 Girl Killer
I will write about a magical phenomenon. Believe it or not, I believe it anyway. I graduated from college this year. During my college life, for various reasons, I would definitely chat with various MMs when I was bored. Then, focus! Then I found that most of these girls would break up with their ex boyfriends, and then show their differences to me

Everybody, I'm back

Precocious 2011-08-16 Build a blog three thousand seven hundred and seventy-six five
Helle, I'm back! In fact, it has been several days since I came back. The blog host was raped some time ago. Because there was no record, I found space for a while, so that's it. As for space, I'm still looking for it. Some people recommend it, soga. Remember it's zblog! Recently, I am still struggling with one thing

A few small things

Precocious 2011-08-04 Talk about a life three thousand seven hundred and sixty-six five
 A few small things
Part 1: On July 15, I went to Taizhou to see the boss, who I haven't seen for more than a year. The boss is still so beautiful. It's not enough to describe the situation. So, I use one

Got the T-shirt of Nafoneng

Precocious 2011-07-29 Build a blog four thousand three hundred and ten seven
 Got the T-shirt of Nafoneng
The clothes were received, the quality was good, and the design was relatively appropriate. There was no obvious advertising suspicion when it came out. Of course, the clothes arrived a few days ago, but I was at home, so I took delivery today. Then the first thing after receiving it, cough, a little embarrassed, is to remove the advertisement

Zblog topic - imitating QQMailService

Precocious 2011-07-23 Code one line of code six thousand three hundred and forty-seven six
 Zblog topic - imitating QQMailService
Yesterday, there was no content. It was a simple theme. It imitated the service center of QQMail. The theme interface: the logo has not been changed for the time being. I changed the logo. gif under the style/help folder in the theme directory

An ineffective summer vacation

Precocious 2011-07-11 Talk about a life three thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight eleven
Nima, it's not good. There will be no summer vacation after work. I want summer vacation, I miss my school days! I get out early and come back late every day. I'm so tangled. Recently, the company's network has been cut off. A few days ago, we could only log on to QQ. Today, we can't even log on to QQ

Zblog topic - MANIFEST test

Precocious 2011-06-29 Code one line of code five thousand four hundred and forty-four nine
 Zblog topic - MANIFEST test
I spent more than a day imitating this theme. The original version is the theme of WP, and I transplanted it to zblog

The PR for selling money has been updated

Precocious 2011-06-29 Write a comment four thousand nine hundred and eighty-five eleven
Today, it seems that there are some of them, so I am also vulgar. As we all know, there are joys and sorrows, and there are ups and downs. In a very low-key way, it has risen to 3. In fact, my speed is slow. It's only 3 years ago. What is this called? It has risen to 1 every year. Unlike some talents