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QQ Email

Precocious 2009-11-04 Write a comment four thousand one hundred and thirty-four zero
 QQ Email
Recently, it seems that QQ mailbox has been very active, and many new functions have been opened. I have received three invitations alone: conversation mode, top of to-do mail function, inbox extension sub folder function Dear QQ mailbox users

QQ Farm is warned

Precocious 2009-11-03 Talk about a life three thousand six hundred and seven three
 QQ Farm is warned
After QQ Farm informed me the day before yesterday that I was found using plug-ins, "At 05:07 the day before yesterday, QQ Farm Administrator: Dear farm user, your Happy Farm account was found to be using plug-ins recently

Blog modification

Precocious 2009-11-03 Build a blog three thousand and seventy-nine zero
 Blog modification
Today, I modified some details of the blog: I removed the plug-in for sharing and collection (anyway, it is my own personal blog, which is of little value and few people. Those who like it will come naturally, and those who don't like it don't have to be forced to do so. Besides, except for copy, my classical Chinese level is almost

Happy birthday!

Precocious 2009-11-02 Talk about a life three thousand five hundred and fourteen four
One year ago, today was my 19th birthday. It seems that only the instructor in military training remembered that day as my birthday, but I felt that I was a failure and didn't have a friend. Today is my twentieth birthday. Thank you for your good wishes. All my friends in college have taken care of me for a year

Upgrade the computer system to WINDOWS 7

Precocious 2009-10-31 Talk about a life four thousand eight hundred and seventy-three four
 Upgrade the computer system to WINDOWS 7
It took two and a half hours to download the flagship iso image of Windows 7 from Microsoft last night. After downloading it, I couldn't wait to install it. Originally, I intended to install it on disk F and create a dual system. It was useless to think of dual systems when installing in the background, so I directly installed the system on disk C. Later

In fact, what you see is: I'm invisible online

Precocious 2009-10-29 Talk about a life four thousand five hundred and seventy-four two
In Xiaoyu's space, I read a log about QQ's stealth online. Really, I don't know when I began to like being invisible online, let alone why. There is a very far fetched reason that I am busy, but I can't find out what I am busy with every day? The above is just the beginning

Start blogging

Precocious 2009-10-28 Talk about a life three thousand seven hundred and sixty-four two
 Start blogging
It has been nearly a week since I set up this independent blog. Last semester, I tried to set up a blog with z-blog, and it ended when I got to a certain extent (I was too poor to buy the domain name at that time, and although I am poor now, I can at least do a few cn games). Now I come back to suffer

Community teaching

Precocious 2009-10-26 Talk about a life three thousand nine hundred and thirty-one five
It was already eleven o'clock when I got up this morning. As soon as I got up, Miss Lin called me and asked me to sign the department's assessment for this month. I had to run to Building 1 immediately to stop