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PHPManagerForIIS installation problem in Windows10 (IIS10)

Precocious 2016-08-12 Play computer for a while eight thousand six hundred and seventy-three two
 PHPManagerForIIS installation problem in Windows10 (IIS10)
PHPManagerForIIS is a tool launched by Microsoft to manage PHP extensions under the IIS platform. Using it, you can easily add PHP extension support in IIS, and support the coexistence of multiple versions of PHP. The main features are: quickly register PHP in IIS; Verify and correct

Z-Log development code snippet

Precocious 2016-04-05 Play computer for a while twelve thousand three hundred and seventy ten
 Z-Log development code snippet
Those who often develop Z-Blog plug-ins will input a large number of ZBP built-in functions and make a subset code snippet plug-in, which can be used if necessary. Download: Use demonstration: ˂ img...

100M broadband, finally!

Precocious 2016-01-22 Play computer for a while seven thousand four hundred and forty-three seven
 100M broadband, finally!
It has taken 8 years from 2M broadband when the family first opened the network to 100M broadband now. With the implementation of national broadband speed increase and cost reduction, home users can finally use 100M broadband at a price of less than 1000. (except for mobile phone integration) ˂ img src=" https://imzh...

2016, let's go

Precocious 2016-01-20 Talk about a life five thousand two hundred and twenty-four zero
Long grass blog still needs to be used, 2016, a new start, work hard~Blog does not have to be long, a sentence, a picture can be written, all, use it

Centennial Celebration Evening Party of Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial College

Precocious 2014-11-11 Talk about a life twelve thousand six hundred and fifteen eight
 Centennial Celebration Evening Party of Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial College
Centennial celebration party of the alma mater. I watched it on the spot that night. Although the program is not wonderful and the school is not so good, I will feel a little bit when I look at it and listen to it. Centennial dream, industry and commerce! Interested friends can see

Fall again

Precocious 2014-08-08 Talk about a life eleven thousand eight hundred and one six
The last blog post was a year ago, and then, a year later, I was unlucky to fall asleep again

have a stiff neck

Precocious 2013-10-14 Talk about a life eighteen thousand seven hundred and ninety-four fifty-seven
Today, when I got up and played computer games in my office, I suddenly felt pain in my right neck and could hardly rotate my head and neck Can you imagine a person, if you want to look around, you must turn around It's like being fixed Nima, you can also sit on your pillow

Record of Ningbo Flood

Precocious 2013-10-13 Talk about a life ten thousand three hundred and ninety-four nine
On the fourth day after the water and power supply were cut off, and the recovery date was not yet determined, I suddenly wanted to make a comment: grass mud horse, this is the center of Ningbo, and it has been so long since there was no power, so how should the surrounding areas live! The downstairs of the community can carry water. I want to say, your sister, I

People are in trouble

Precocious 2013-07-25 Talk about a life eight thousand six hundred and twenty-eight three
 People are in trouble
On July 19, I went to Fuzhou with my colleagues on the 9:50 train. My colleague set out at about 8:15 in the morning, thinking that although it was far from the railway station, it would be enough to take the bus for an hour and a half. As a result, he was late at the rush hour and missed the train

The second anniversary of graduation

Precocious 2013-06-02 Talk about a life ten thousand and eighty-seven twenty-three
Looking back, two years have passed. Always remind me of that moment on this special day, and then break my fingers to count the annual rings. I don't know when my fingers will be insufficient. I always casually look back on my previous life, which was free before, but when I came back to myself, I secretly laughed at myself for being so young but so nostalgic