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Precocious 2010-02-02 Read a book four thousand five hundred and ninety-nine


Accidentally, when I was sorting out the books, I found that I had been reading several magazines of the book city when it was first published for several years. I have basically collected these magazines. It has been four years since the first issue. Some comments and evaluations in the book are also worth reading. I don't want some "high-profile" newspapers to make high-profile publicity, In fact, its content is really vulgar, with no characteristics, and even pull a pile of garbage like star comments to evaluate the sacred books.

To roughly describe the good words in my mind, they are knowledge but not empty, interesting but not dull, and insightful but not mediocre. In addition, knowledge does not distinguish between things, interest does not distinguish between local and foreign, and opinion does not distinguish between left and right. This is where the Book City exists. There are no sophisticated scholars, no vulgar folk men, and the topic is worth noting. The argument can be left or right.

Most of the books introduced and evaluated in the Book City are foreign classics, many of which are ancient. I read these books to set off my own depth and self-restraint. Of course, in fact, I am a promising scholar. You could have been narcissistic!

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Go to see Ben when you are free

 Lu Songsong

It's also a book that enlightens the soul

Our hearts are noble [F] Shame [/F]
 Fengyun Chunqiu Blog

I haven't read such books for a long time

How about this?
 Have a look first

I haven't seen this before

Peripheral magazines, much better than various daily newspapers [F] Haha [/F]

I went through the library in high school, hehe,

Yeahlee replied:
Yes, the library reading room
Will this magazine be available in the library? [F]After_ boom[/F]
 Meow meow

<Bookstore>Ah, I haven't read it. Do you still have this magazine? It looks very good! In recent years, I have been subscribing to the Novel Monthly, and I have saved a thick stack

It is an internal newspaper of the club. Although it can be subscribed outside, there is little publicity

Scattered people, next time Sha Hua let me
Ah ah ah

I have nothing to say. You can't even come! Come back tomorrow
 Instant noodles

I have never seen such magazines. PS: Bench

Instant noodles reply:
General articles in low-key magazines are sharp
It means it's low-key
 idle man

It's really no challenge. It's my sofa every time. What kind of magazine is this

Chop him
Meow meow reply:
Broken man, you can be a good bargain. Don't rob the sofa next time



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