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Tencent, you also have today

Precocious 2010-01-27 Write a comment four thousand four hundred and eighty-seven


I am surprised to see that Tencent is closing its Taotao business. I am really surprised that one day Tencent will finally close its business! When will we close QQ!



Tencent's Announcement on Adjustment of Taotao's Business


Dear users
Hello everyone, due to business adjustment. On January 26, 2010, Taotao business will start to integrate with QQ space mood. During the integration, all the write operations and related settings of Taotao will be affected. However, you can also view the previously published torrents. Please rest assured that the torrential content saved by history will not be lost and will be gradually migrated to the QQ Space Mood module. Please open the space selection mood module to view or publish new content.  
QQ Space Project Team
January 26, 2010




Tencent is absolutely unwilling to shut down Taotao. Everyone's boss said that competing with Tencent is all about dying, and there are no few companies killed by Tencent!

When Taotao launched, I had no contact with other microblogs. At that time, I felt that this mode was very novel and acceptable. However, Tencent did not publicize Taotao in a big way except for the stereotypical Taotao icon. It is estimated that it is also related to the huge user base of Tencent. After all, if most people use Taotao, it would have to pay much attention to the review of Taotao, With such a large amount of information, it is inevitable that there will be several excited people, so it has also come to a low-key!

Now it seems a wise move to incorporate Taotao into QQ space. Tencent often performs system maintenance on QQ space, which leads to the inability to access non friend space. In fact, the so-called maintenance often occurs in sensitive periods! After being incorporated into QQ space, Tencent doesn't have to worry about it. After all, only a few people can see it even if there is something else! This is also true of Tencent's QQ mailbox broadcast function, which is relatively better than Taotao, but its disadvantage is that it can only be viewed in the mailbox.

Tencent's closing of Taotao has a great impact on those people who have been accustomed to using Taotao! Let them go into the bloated QQ space to nag rather than shift positions! For some people who use the surging JS plug-in to show QQ signatures on blogs, it may also have some impact. They have to go to other service providers. I recommend Mutter Mutter The plug-in of is very simple. See me for the effect Blog Home Page Your nagging.


PS: Although the function of publishing new Taotao has been disabled on Taotao's website, there are still many ways to publish it! For example, you can publish a message through a twitter robot (QQ: 17008888), or you can also publish a torrent after clicking the torrent icon on the sidebar of the QQ panel. At present, Tencent is only prohibited on the webpage!


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I basically don't have to talk

I never use it, haha

It seems that I haven't been activated

Do you like lighting icons?

It's too complicated to be talkative

They are all low-level

There was a podcast on TX before. I forgot its name. Isn't it closed

The blog is still here
 Luo Zeyang

Ha ha ha [F] Ha ha [/F]

Are you so happy?
 idle man

In fact, to use a popular saying on the Internet, Tao Tao is a work of pain

 Passer-by leave

I hate Tencent. Except for QQ, all Tencent services are not used~~~

But I have to say Tencent is changing us
 Desert haze

Um My eloquence

Hey, hey, hey



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