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First time to attend the film premiere

Precocious 2009-12-31 Talk about a life three thousand seven hundred and fifty-two


He hardly ever went to the cinema to watch a movie. In the evening, Xiao Han was invited to attend the premiere of a movie.

The premiere was held in the No. 1 Hall of Ningbo Movie Metropolis, and the participants greatly exceeded the organizer's expectations. The aisle of the event was full of people.

The premiere kicked off in the introduction of the host. The main actors and actresses, screenwriters and directors respectively introduced many feelings behind the scenes and their participation in the performance.
This is a local movie, a big movie performed by Ningbo people themselves. As the director Kong Xiong said excitedly at the scene: "Our local movies are like this microphone, as long as my voice is louder, I can hear it!" As such, this is a Ningbo movie!

Film - Demolition of the Bride

We are constantly striving for survival. The numbness of life makes it too late to think about many things, so it happens.

There are also many changes in the lives and ideas of the farmers after the demolition. That is to say, through a common story, it reflects that today's farmers in Ningbo have land and houses, which is a good place that the city people envy. The changes in urban and rural areas, and the changes in people's ideas, constitute the initial framework of the story.

I would like to dedicate this film to all the people who have made unremitting efforts!




PS: I admit that I am a title party!

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