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Elderly repeaters finally graduate

Precocious 2018-08-14 Talk about a life eight thousand two hundred and seventy-one

As an older student of industry and commerce, I graduated successfully after ten years of schooling.

In this decade, there have been happiness, confusion, loss and regret, but there are still feelings.

Since I graduated from high school in 2008, my college career has been very rich, both academically and in my spare time life, which has certainly brought a lot of trouble to the school.

The original 7790 has become a department of the university, while the electronics major is still expanding (of course, the admission score is as poor as ever).

In the face of industry and commerce, I can quickly tell a lot of her shortcomings, and will also argue with others and maintain her strengths. In my best decade, I have experienced her on and off and continuous development, including annual orientation, annual graduation season, and the glory of the centennial school anniversary. On the last night, after supper, I passed the gate and looked deeply at the name of the school. There was no one around. Occasionally, students came back. The fruit stall beside was still open. The new security guard was conscientiously performing his duties. But these will be just the appearance of my alma mater in my memory.

The blog established in college is not easy not to perish. It was established at the most glorious time of the blog and died at the time of its demise.

After graduation, I chose a path that I would never have thought of when I entered the university. I would have chosen to work in the education industry for seven years because I didn't love learning.

As for work, colleagues said that it takes more than five years to get started in the recruitment work. Then I was lucky that I had done it for two years after I got started, but when I looked back, I found it was far away. For this industry, I may still be a beginner, and what I can do is only to implement the policy. I can't understand much about the in-depth education design, because I can't analyze the existing problems and countermeasures from a higher perspective. This is not the difference between 0 and 1 in technical work, but involves basic education, general education, vocational education, higher education and other aspects.

The top-level design has good thinking and goals for various types of problems, but it is difficult to achieve the final goal because of the imbalance of educational resources, and will deviate from the initial goal because of other problems.

Over the past seven years, I have experienced too much. From beginner learning, to working alone, to behind the scenes analysis, I spent most of my time working, but my own problems have not been solved at all. It is increasingly felt that in recent years, especially in the last three years, there has been no improvement in skill points. Every iteration and update of technology in the Internet industry will return to the pre liberation period, unlike some industries, where a certificate can last forever. I also planned and designed some products in my spare time, but I didn't have much time to develop them. I hope there will be some free time in the next time.

Every time when I go home, my parents always ask personal questions, whether in work or in love, and each time they call me a fake 29 who is less than 28 years old, urging me to get married. But as life goes on, I feel more and more rejected, and I don't want to think about and touch these things. Maybe my thoughts are too complicated and I always feel that I have various problems that need to be changed.

After leaving the industry and commerce, I will enter the e-commerce industry and be responsible for data analysis and technology development. Maybe I will continue to make some attempts in the education industry. I also welcome you to have a suitable job offer, be familiar with commercial operation, be good at data analysis, data mining and data structure design, query optimization in development, and be mainly good at PHP, Standard documentation, good English reading.

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