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Some time ago, for about a week in a row, my own domain name mailbox (Tencent's corporate mailbox) could not receive mail, and failed to find various reasons. No matter how I sent the message, there was no interception, no entry into the trash, and even complained about Tencent's corporate mailbox.

Knowing that one day the VPS of the blog expired, I went to DNSPod to change the domain name resolution, and found that it could not be changed, so I found a line of small words:


Crouching slot, this is the real reason why I received the email, but DNSPod did not send me an email or SMS reminder!!!

Later, I wanted to change the DNS resolution service provider. I found that domestic DNS was the same and could not provide resolution, so I had to find a foreign DNS service provider and finally chose Google Cloud DNS

GCD has 4 groups of NS, the first of which is accessed by the wall, and the others are accessed normally. The speed of each server is very fast.





The NS server of GCD adopts Anycast technology to ensure that users can get the resolution from the nearest server. It supports DNSSEC, 100% SLA, and all mainstream record types. The minimum allowable TTL setting is 1s

Finally, Google Cloud DNS is a charging service, each domain name is $0.2 per month

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