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Foot on the mud, heart to the sun

Precocious 2017-02-18 Talk about a life eight thousand nine hundred and eleven

We were born to work

But we never had fun at work

No one is addicted to work

But some people are addicted to life. But life is work?

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I've been so busy these days. I've had a backlog of loans for two months, and finally I'm almost done. I don't know why. There are so many students applying today! Almost doubled compared with last year, no

The taxi fee has increased

Today, I went to the bank with my teacher and handed in the loan materials of this year. To my dismay, the other party said how to get them so late. I was puzzled. It was clearly said that they would come to get them. We watched them all the time

 This is an interest

This is an interest

Since October, it has been more than two months since I started blogging again. In the first half of the year, Xiao Han tried to write a blog, but he stagnated for various reasons. Finally, he simply removed the entire blog data

 First time to attend the film premiere

First time to attend the film premiere

He hardly ever went to the cinema to watch a movie. In the evening, Xiao Han was invited to attend the premiere of a movie. The premiere was held in the No. 1 Hall of Ningbo Movie Metropolis, and the participants greatly exceeded the organizer's expectations. The aisle of the event was full of people. The premiere is in the main

 A day full of love

A day full of love

Last night, I stayed up all night. I didn't expect that there would be several people every day. There was no one last night, and the scattered people didn't know when to leave. Get up at nine in the morning and go to the hospital.  ...

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Well written.

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The article is well written and worth sharing

 at leisure

This is a very personalized site

 Four Seasonal Flowers

Work takes up one third of the day


Life is work.

 Easy task
Easy task

It is undeniable that half of life is work



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