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Foot on the mud, heart to the sun

Precocious 2017-02-18 Talk about a life seven thousand one hundred and twenty-five

We were born to work

But we never had fun at work

No one is addicted to work

But some people are addicted to life. But life is work?

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 QQ Farm is warned

QQ Farm is warned

After QQ Farm informed me the day before yesterday that I was found using the plug-in, at 05:07 the day before yesterday, QQ Farm Administrator: Dear farm user, your Happy Farm account was found to be using the plug-in recently, if found again next time

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 Send and receive school mail

Send and receive school mail

I found a message on the school's intranet today. The original text is as follows:

 Received the doll from Taobao

Received the doll from Taobao

I didn't have the key to the mailbox a few days ago, but I haven't been able to match it. I went to check it today and found that there was my package sheet in it. I tried to break a branch and bind double-sided tape to the head, which cost me a lot

Use WP for help!

Xiao Han has been building a class blog to participate in the competition these days. He originally planned to find a blog hosting place at random, but he was not very satisfied with the other functions except the rich theme, so he tried himself

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Well written.

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The article is well written and worth sharing

 at leisure

This is a very personalized site

 Four Seasonal Flowers

Work takes up one third of the day


Life is work.

 Easy task
Easy task

It is undeniable that half of life is work



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