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Just go away

Not cold 2017-02-11 Take a journey six thousand and thirty-three

There is no need for a reason to travel on the go
I drove 12 hours to Xiamen for three days

After being crazy, tired, playing and eating supper, a few people suddenly have the idea of playing enough, go home and go to bed, so they set off at 2:00 a.m

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 Nanjing trip

Nanjing trip

I went to Nanjing and Zhenjiang on a business trip last month. After reporting on the same day, I began to look for a place to eat in the evening. Originally, I wanted to go to smigo and asked her to take a walk around. As a result, she said that she had no time and could only hang around with my colleagues. Discuss to discuss to go to dinner in Xinjiekou Hotel cuckoo fat sausage fish, ordered a fat sausage fish, salted duck

Travel while you are young

I have warned myself more than once: take a journey while you are young. I have said it for a long time, many times, but this trip has never come true. Is it your laziness or your own inability to put it down? Why is it exciting to watch other people's travel notes? What about Lhasa? I like to enjoy shuttling among strangers, enjoying

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 Perfume essence

Xiamen Gemini summer

 Good movies

When you are young, you should go out to see the world, the beautiful motherland

 Easy task
Easy task

Why can't I see the content of the first article? Xiamen's front-end time just went



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