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The second anniversary of graduation

Precocious 2013-06-02 Talk about a life ten thousand two hundred and ninety-six

Looking back, two years have passed.

Always remind me of that moment on this special day, and then break my fingers to count the annual rings. I don't know when my fingers will be insufficient.

I always casually think back to my previous life, which was free before, but when I came back to myself, I secretly laughed at myself for being so young but so nostalgic.

Yes, we always like to remember the past. What we miss is not the youth at that time, not the study at that time, not the changes of the four seasons at that time, but the ethical feelings at that time.

In the past two years, I have traveled many places and seen many people. The lifestyle, culture and language of different regions are intertwined in my mind, forming my present self. I really want to go out again, to go farther, to the distant future, to the intoxicating Shambhala.

After two years as a graduate, what have I gained as a worker today?

For two years, I have accumulated wealth of knowledge, wealth of life, and wealth of luck.

For two years, it seems that I have become a bunch of vulgarity, burying my body and strangling my thoughts. What I have done more is to learn to change vulgarity, learn to discuss the impermanence of the world, and learn to discuss everything in life. It seems beautiful but unavoidable embarrassment.

Two years, not long or short, but enough to make my heart ache. If you want to find someone to celebrate, or be sad, or be cheerful, it is a little pale and futile.

So, take advantage of the weekend, drink some, slightly smoke yourself, and get rid of a strong worry.

I saw Sister Bao yesterday. After waiting for a month, I finally saw her. But when I saw her, I found I was speechless. Recently, because of my work, many people told me about the past, which made me inexplicably upset. I can forget it for myself, but I can't remember it because everyone reminds me. After all, I was wrong.

Hi, my roommates, those 7790ers who are struggling together, those friends who are seeking marriage in the alumni group, those Electronic ers who were struggling together on that holiday, and those teachers who led my growth. Do you still exist in this city today?

Have they all left the ancient and modern Yongcheng where books are stored?

If you leave, will you remember what we used to be? Will you leave a lonely figure in the dark and miss the loneliness that cannot be taken away?

The small groups with Sister Na, Xiao Hao and Xiao Hei have also been growing in the past two years. I'm glad that I can stick to it. At least you are still here.

I'm glad that I can stick to my original dream. If there is no nostalgia for the past and missing the passing years, I don't know whether I can keep my only goal that is deep in my heart and still be so firm after being destroyed.

Two years after graduation.

Time slipped away quickly between my fingers, and I only had a sore back.

Each of us can write a book about our experiences,

The emotions of each of us can play,

Each of us has a silly past,

But at the same time, each of us has indelible memories.

The most important thing is not to recall.

So I grew up, indifferent, indifferent, cold-blooded, open to see.

Although a little out of place, I still feel a little sad.

Finally, happy Children's Day.

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 Bogou Entertainment City

Come on, look forward to updating


Now I have to go to college. Ha ha. I just finished the college entrance examination this year

 Liu Zhaohua

The head portrait is really personalized!


Teacher Zhou's writing is so melancholy< br />
Only two years after graduation, I felt a lot of feelings, seemingly through vicissitudes of life..

of course
 main road

Alas, people on the sixth anniversary of graduation quietly passed by~~You are still young~~~~hahaha

 Crocodile hostgator

Time passes quickly. I'm excited to recall the life on campus, but I can't go back any more

 Liu Zhaohua

Very good Very powerful


Time flies


You have only graduated for two years. I am numb now.

Hehe, yes...

Just like me for seven years




Praise the new clothes. Wearing smart clothes, I turned back to find a good girl to marry Ba

I'm going to replace it
Jclyn reply:
Then I'll replace you~

We've been there too~<br/>
I should show my admiration and infatuation for your sentimental and serious writing<br/>
On the June 1st Festival, I was watching a lot of dreams&gt_& lt;

Get to Hefei on the 26th, ready to pick up
Jclyn reply:
What are you doing here. recruit students?
 Teacher's diary

Reminded of our university memories! But we have graduated for 5 years! The same struggle!

 Alpine pasture

I haven't seen such a small and fresh article for a long time. Hehe, I really like it



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