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Alone Love "The World"

Precocious 2012-10-16 Read a book five thousand three hundred and six

When persecution relies on the name of divine justice, when butchers become the fanaticism of the public, when selfishness and cowardice become the raft of escape, when hatred and cruelty become the torch of illumination, what is the purpose of being human in this world? What kind of depth of human nature can be measured by Tzu Chi's hardships? In this world where good and evil choices have taken place at all times, is it a kind of luck, a kind of evil, or an innocent person to be born?

The same story, the same betrayal.

The difference is that the feeling is different.

We are rolling in the world, under different lives, behind the glitz,

What are we after?  

Life, so short, but so long.

Born as a man, a man is a man, and a demon is a demon.

In this short and long time, I found this true and illusory memory,

However, it may not matter anymore,

People belong to people, water belongs to water, something belongs to nothing, no me, no you, no giving, no taking, no inside, no outside, no mind, no body, no amount of all laws, Amitabha

A person's unforgettable experiences will always come back to you no matter how far apart they are, or how many years apart they are.

This is a plain life,

Just for a reincarnation.

Think hard, the other side is far away, perhaps, the world, the world, can only believe the endless legend.

I recommend Li Rui's "Human World". I bought it in 2007. I didn't feel much after reading it at that time. I read it again yesterday and felt a lot.

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 Wolf product

In life, the original suffering is far more than joy, plus this world, this society Amitabha! Give me a pair of wise eyes!


Mr. Zhou, your words have been sublimated..

 PO Blog

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Does the blogger have both culture and science? Hehe, the style is very good, and the design is also very good. I admire you.

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Do have a look when you have time


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 Jiang Chaoping

No matter how confused you are at this time, you should finally live the life you want.


Life is a cup

 Yu Zepeng

New generation Mo Yan?

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 Xiao Qing

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Is this prose poetry?

This is the book review... (─.─|||
Feeng reply:
Book reviews of good literature and art



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