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Sit and wait to blossom

Precocious 2012-08-06 Talk about a life four thousand five hundred and sixty-eight


That plant is said to blossom. I've waited for a long time, but it hasn't borne fruit yet!
Five years after I came to Ningbo, it suddenly occurred to me that I had never seen a large sea of flowers in this city,
Is it the prosperity of the city that abandons it or the pity of the city that hides it?
Today I discussed another topic with my grandson. As I said before, love at first sight is not worth living for a long time!
Lao Sun is also a cudgel, so I feel even more sad when I can't tell the tumor from the lump.
In the evening, I bought a Nexus 7, 16G for Ricky.
The electronic contest has started again. I'm not calm anymore. The scene last year
A few days ago, I saw two friends in Taiwan. When I came back, it suddenly occurred to me that Lao Ye's children were studying in the same school in Taiwan.
Brother Cao, remember to call me when Minmei gets married. I was so touched last night!
Little Ni Zi's baby has been born. Little Winnie is very cute!
In the evening, I suddenly read the chat records of the previous 7790QQ group and missed the freshman year.
Mr. Wo, I'm going to hoe the ground. Please take care.
I said I would wait!
I am still me, not surprised or pleased, just like Mao Xiaopei said, I have no regrets.
Go to bed. It's late.
In the end, in fact, flowers have blossomed.

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 Hello, Sen

Think about the past, live tomorrow


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 Jiang Chaoping

Inadvertently, I saw simple words, revealing the feelings of life


Seeing that I was injured by chrysanthemums all over the ground, I picked chrysanthemums when I was cold, old and wet~

Go ahead, remember to clean up after picking
 Individually living
Individually living

Have you not seen me for a long time? Have you not heard of me for a long time. Yes, I am the co-existence of love and strength, the embodiment of kindness and handsome - -- casual! [F]Music[/F]

Reply to Individual Living:
I'm your brother
who are you?

The last words are so sentimental!!!


Find an imaginary girlfriend, then she will never leave.


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Eh.. The main blog is still 1.8, and the following sub blog/ZBLOG19/is 2.0
 Large pig

I didn't pay attention to others, but the words are much better than mine [F] no [/F]

Sorry, I have already started menstruation

Movements always come suddenly

The result of long-term gestation

Very provocative words, simple but touching.

[F] Cry [/F] Oh, only Jiaojiao can understand

Chrysanthemum remains and wounds all over the ground~

Your chrysanthemums are long gone



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