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Friends circle

Precocious 2012-06-30 Write a comment five thousand eight hundred and nine

The QQ Circle function that once frightened many people appeared again in QQ 2012 Beta 3.

I suddenly remembered a slogan of BazBaxter: every circle is a classic. Each of these circles is a circle of communication.
With our own growth, we are constantly changing in the state of entering a higher school, working, etc., and the circle of friends in our life is also constantly changing.
Everywhere we go, never change a job, never change a school, we always find friends and confidants who are similar to us.
So, as time goes by, I suddenly found that I had been in touch with my former friends for a long time or hardly any time. Although I was able to joke and chat as before when the phone rang, I just couldn't remember each other in my life, just like two parallel lines, acquaintance and acquaintance don't intersect!
We often say that everyone has his own life circle, but have we abandoned another circle we once indulged in when running this circle?
Let's get together...

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 Xu Shiwang

Sometimes, I miss the past circle very much, but I can't go back to the past, and everyone's mood is different!



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