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If you want to fly, please smooth the knot

Precocious 2012-05-21 Talk about a life three thousand eight hundred and forty-one

Everyone will have an impulse to fly, even if someone like me has a clear water in his heart, he will occasionally have a little longing.

Flying in Wang Li's eyes may be just the desire of ground troops like him to get on the plane, but for more people, it is their own ideal and represents their own success.
Will we affect others when we run on the runway on the road to success?
I thought everyone has a good side even though he is selfish. But after meeting so many people, he gave up after all. It turns out that there are still bad people in the world.
Hitler once said: Either the enemy will walk over our dead body, or we will walk over our dead body.
And I, it is these pimples. Will you step on me or pull me? Who knows?
After watching so many inconstancies of the world, I found that:
I am very pleased to give myself such a comment: originally, I am also a good person!

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Comment List

 The most low-key man

I am a good person, and the landlord is a good person.


I'm not a good person, 5555

You are very kind

The good guy wrote the wrong word
In Wang Li's eyes, it is not Wang Li who is serious

Jclyn reply:
Be a good boy if you know your mistake [F] yx [/F]
Yeah, yeah?
You read it wrong



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