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Precocious 2011-11-19 Code one line of code five thousand eight hundred and eighty-three

I have used this theme for a long time, although I haven't updated it in this period+

The demo is now (only now) or the screenshot below.

The theme has the following "characteristics"

1. Mild SEO, including adding keywords, description, author, etc; The article page title will be changed to "article title - category name - blog name" order, so please do not use the TitleSEO plug-in.

2. Single column theme, so many functions are lost. Please build your own friendship link page, and the bottom link is the link at the "Website Collection" of the background.

3. IE6 is not supported. Please test the effect by yourself. Of course, it can also be supported. Do it yourself. The code is written in. Unfortunately, I don't want it to be supported.





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 Large pig

Influenced by microblog and light blog, fewer and fewer people can persist in writing personal blog

 Xiao Qing

The published theme is used by me, and now it is used by me.. Cry!!

[F] Hehe [/F] You know.. Qinger

Hehe, it looks good and supports


This theme is quite grand.

Well, it seems that I'm not the subject anymore...

IE9 is seriously incompatible, your current theme!

Never checked

Passing by~~~

If it wasn't for your comments, I didn't know that my blog had been restored
 Three Stones

Xiaohan, your feed is not updated normally. It is still stopped in May.

It's finally all right (-. -|||
 Take a bath

Tandem gate Welcome No

 Yao medicine

Come by and have a look

 Benevolence blog

Your blog theme is very beautiful

 Xiao Yang

Long time no blog. The main reason is that the server is in foreign countries, which is very slow. Now I have replaced it with a domestic one, so I decided to update it constantly. Welcome to my place. http://www.chainlt.com

 Ice sinking and floating water

The recently popular single column on WP feels very good..
Well, this is too pale.
Put a hundred feet of black ice and crack it. Throw the water in the pool for a moment and float and shake it.


There are good people downstairs
There are bad guys upstairs

Mo Lan replied:
You are not good people
You're not human



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