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the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks

Precocious 2011-09-23 Talk about a life four thousand two hundred and thirty-seven

Life, suddenly entered a bottleneck, yes, it is indeed life.

Since September, I have been in a state of trance. It seems that I haven't recovered from the summer vacation. I seem to have been very accustomed to this kind of life, which is easy to go with the wind.

It's the fourth year since I came to this school, and the time has really passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, it's really a blink of an eye. The freshman's leisure, the sophomore's busyness, and the third year's confusion seem to be still in front of me. Now, a month has passed in the fourth year, and when I sigh that time flies, I will also sigh that time is unforgiving. It seems that five years is not much...

Recently, I suddenly realized that I would always be silent and think about something before I knew it, and then the more I thought about it, the clearer I became.

September is about to pass, and October is waiting for me. Of course, I was waiting for the National Day holiday.

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 Xiao Yang

It's good to be able to calm down and think

 Yao bath

Feeling sad

 Wang Yali

I'm still at school. I'm going to have a holiday. Have a rest!

Um Work...

It seems that something good is waiting for you in October

There was no 11 hours long holiday when I saw it that day. You edited it again! What female netizen did you meet during the short and long vacation?
Look again [F] Hehe [/F]



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