Zblog topic - imitating QQMailService

Precocious 2011-07-23 Code one line of code six thousand four hundred and one

It was done yesterday. It has no content. It's a simple topic, imitated by QQMail Service Center

Theme interface:


The logo has not been replaced for the time being. Just replace the Logo.gif file under the style/help folder in the theme directory.

Others. I don't know if there are any bugs because I didn't test them carefully. If there are, please contact me

demonstration: http://ews.imzhou.com/zblog/ (It is not guaranteed to be valid all the time)

Download: QMail_ Service.zti

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I accidentally found your blog. Your theme is simple. I have been pursuing this theme all the time. You are really my admirer.

 Xiao Qing

I'll let you imitate you.

 No cold

I'll go. It's really like that. If you don't look carefully, you can't see it

Well, the feature of our imitation theme is high imitation [F] yx [/F]
 Three grade Xiaonai

This theme is good, simple and generous

 Zblog Station Paradise

Very good, very concise, very good
Edited by Wei Han at 20:36:46 on July 27, 2011

Oh, I only like simple

You are too low-key. It's time for publicity

Why propaganda?



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