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Youth ends

Precocious 2011-05-26 Talk about a life three thousand six hundred and sixty-four

June is coming, and it is the graduation season of the year. I think of the past years and think of me at that time, but this time, I am the protagonist.


At the turn of spring and summer, the sun always looks so bright, warm mixed with a few threads of darkness. The suitcase, which seemed to be a little heavy, shook past me from time to time, with a palpitation and a little pressure, and now I am about to graduate ……


Two years passed in a flash, from the busy freshman to the confused sophomore, I really feel that I have matured a lot. I remember when I first entered the university, I walked alone in the campus with a curiosity and desire, looking at the various goals I wrote down and filling my empty heart. Every day, there is no moment of free time. I always feel like a robot and never know how tired I am. Maybe that kind of life let me satisfy my curiosity, but what seems to be missing, is it family, achievement or love?


A new autumn has arrived. With the beginning of my sophomore life, I also began to let myself relax slowly, no longer focusing on lectures, activities, clubs, but more on my inner life, because I found that what I lacked was a "emotional" nourishment, and actively looked for images that could fill my heart, But I am willing to accept this change. My sophomore year was thus dedicated to my spiritual life. I don't know what it would be like to greet my junior year, the pressure of employment, or the vision of freedom?


After sophomore year, it means graduation. Now I can hardly imagine how I made a choice at that time. However, I came here anyway. I have forgotten how to spend this academic year, and I don't want to recall anything. After all, college time is only once.


Materials left over from freshman activities, scrawled notes and courseware for sophomores. The phone on the paper can't remember who it is, the familiar name can't remember the smile on my face, and a bunch of English books don't seem to have been read... As I watched, I felt sad unconsciously, and only I could understand the meaning of every stroke.


After finishing packing, I still left a lot of things behind, but not many more important things left here forever? Whatever I take away or leave behind is the most true portrayal of my university.


Reluctantly turned off the light. At that moment, I felt a sharp pain in my heart. Remember four words, youth is over. Three years ago, I came here with simple luggage. Today, I pick up new luggage and will start my next life.


Like every day in the past three years, I walked out of the door of the apartment along the familiar route, but when I stepped out of the threshold, I would no longer be a member here.


This time, I didn't go to buy boxed lunch, go to the Internet cafe nearby, or run to class drowsily. This time, I will solemnly say goodbye to this place that left my youth behind!


Goodbye, my dormitory,

Goodbye, my brother,

Goodbye, my youth,

Again     See you at my university.


  Many years later, we will revisit the old place, place ourselves in a similar landscape, hear familiar melodies, at least see a touch of color, or even just a kind of flower fragrance, but this is enough, it is like an opened bottle of memory, can see the whole memory, and all this requires is a sentence A faint hint Just like my scattered sentences, I will take you to listen to "The Past Comes Back".


As the days go by, the scenery around you alternates in growth. People around you change in growth. Their mood floats and falls. Flowers bloom and wither. Winter and summer change. Thousands of faces and customs change. But what remains unchanged is the smiling smile of the top of the cardamom, a glance back in the golden years, and a true heart that will never return in the age of innocence. Life is so loveable and memorable because of having friends.


The ideal life in my heart is like this: along the long road, at every turn, in every corner, in every post station, in every ordinary dream, there are friends who silently light a lamp for you. Listen ~ There is a pigeon whistle across the sky, and its silver white wings raise the dream of flying into the sky. Whose song goes through the ancient times, and scatters tiny whispers in the fields? In this day of flowing water like songs, let's put our hands on that sentence again, put it in our hearts, and say that peace will accompany you.


My dear friends, take this friendship with you on the road. With this friendship warming our years, then our winter will no longer be cold!


In Xi Murong's eyes, parting is beautiful. She said, what's wrong with parting? If from then on, your smile will reappear in every bright night sky, and your sorrow will slowly erode into my heart with the deepening twilight. All the past years are like an etched copper plate, recording every notch, deep and shallow, full and blank. Then every time I look back, It will give you a copy of the same picture.


I am eager to keep such a clear and bright memory, say goodbye to the past with a smile, and then in every suitable night, one by one, dry the wet mood......


There is no wonderful picture in your story and my story. Everything is so ordinary, but it is because of the ordinary. It is true. Maybe, good memories will eventually disappear like water, but you really stay in my heart. The most unforgettable thing in life is youth. I am glad that I have a perfect youth. It is perfect because of alternating hopes and disappointments, and it is true because of mixed ordinariness and brilliance. When I was lost, you said you didn't have to persuade me. However, it was this collapse and atmosphere that made me calm as soon as possible.   


Youth is over, and we are waiting for the next opening. Waiting for us on the journey ahead, facing the sun, bravely fly to the dream in our hearts; Waiting for us in the front story, we will recall the most beautiful three years of life and the blooming flowers with the stars ……



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University is worth remembering!


Youth can end, but life continues

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Goodbye to my high school!

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Blogs are beautiful


Youth is always the best

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Why Traditional Chinese?

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