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Precocious 2011-03-18 Build a blog four thousand four hundred and forty-two


Because of something,

It hasn't been updated for a long time,

It's a knotty thing,


When I'm going to write something else,

See Zblog 1.9 coming out at the end of this month,

A little excited,

Finally, we waited,

I've been blogging for a year and a half,

Zblog was updated once, (-. -|||

Unlike WP,

Several times a year,

Many people are urging me to use WP,


The same sentence,



I continue to wait for my Zblog.

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Comment List


Hehe, it's really not easy to accomplish so much alone


Wordpress user passed by, and personally felt that z-b was weak, and the theme was not good enough compared with wp

Soping reply:
It's really hard to be alone
The main reason is that the development of ZB has always been done by one person, and it is inevitable that the new version is a little ineffective
Jingang replied:
In fact, ZB is still very good, and its support for themes is also great, but the development efforts should be greater. ZB has advantages unmatched by WP

Consider WP~

 Phase-locked loop

WP is more powerful

 Dongming Furniture

Come and support your station

 Desert haze

Change Mo Lan Blog


Today, I was surfing the Internet in an Internet cafe, with gigabit bandwidth, downloading things at 10M per second, and coming to your blog, ah, turtle speed

Because my blog is radiation resistant. Bandwidth resistance

Use wp quickly..

Change to ZB quickly

It's the most important thing to have your own persistence. Support you, blogger


I'm going to switch back to wp2.9
Enough of this 3.0.1

 Handsome Blog

Never used zblog



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