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Godaddy refund

Precocious 2011-03-06 Talk about a life four thousand two hundred and fifty-six

This week, at 6:28 in the morning, my mobile phone received a text message,

ICBC credit card prompts that I will deduct $5 for overseas consumption,

It's not a lot, but it makes me very angry,

Let me get up immediately and open the computer to check the bill if I can't get up in the morning,

The most obvious problem is the dog father,

So, Google+Baidu,

Finally, I found that the problem was with the five info domains I bought last time,

The dog father will give a free service for one month every time the domain name is active. After this time, it will not be free

By default, this business is automatically renewed, and I just foolishly pay with my credit card,

So I drank.

Determinedly contact Godaddy customer service to ask for a refund,

Immediately after sending the email, I received an email saying that I would reply within 24 hours,

About three or four hours later, I received a reply that the customer service has no right to refund, and will refund my credit card within 48 hours,

The next day I received a refund.

The whole process was very smooth, and I liked Godaddy. I contacted him in the daytime. They should all be at night,

This service attitude has decisively killed domestic peers and made them ashamed.


Lesson: After this, I understand that after I buy something, I must cancel the automatic renewal and delete the credit card information,

Otherwise, you can cry....

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Why does this comment have everything?!!!!!!

Because everyone here has
 If water is 3000

Good discount


I haven't pushed the payment in GD yet. I'll ask you for guidance if I want to refund next time


Yes, you must be careful where you can use credit cards.

Ah Ya Ya..

The godaddy interface is too messy. It's hard to find many of them. The foreign names should be concise

The new version is good
 Macaca mulatta

So it's better to be careful


People without credit cards said they had no pressure
I was under age when I applied
When I became an adult, I realized that credit card is not something that all people can have
For example, I'd better not

I was a minor when I applied, but I still came down
 Aicai Tribe

Or who is who

This is my me... Although once ranked first, you don't need to follow me here.. Ah ha ha

I'm relieved to use Alipay

I save money with credit cards

Godaddy's refund service is very good, very user-friendly.

 Free China

Today is still very helpful. Last time I registered a. us domain name, the money was automatically returned to me after it was taken back


Second kill domestic peers, very agree with this sentence

Let me focus on replying



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