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Attend the plenary meeting for the first time

Precocious 2011-03-03 Talk about a life three thousand six hundred and ten

I found myself getting lazier and lazier. I wanted to write something,
Open the blog and see updates from bloggers,
I didn't want to write all the updates for reading and playing,
Worry, this thought is not good.

There is a knotty thing about writing a mood blog,
That's the blog title. I can't think of anything to write,
Now I've figured it out. What's the problem? The direct date comes true.

Yesterday afternoon, the first plenary meeting was held,
It starts at 1:30 p.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m,
I admire those leaders. One person can talk so much on the stage,
I watched the whole process 360 °, and most people were in a fog,
My neighbor prepared in advance and took a novel with him,
But after a while, I found that I asked her not to respond. I saw that she was asleep, one by one+
Later, she woke up and stopped reading. She began to play mobile games. It was very good. Angry Birds..

During the whole meeting, four leaders spoke for an average of half an hour each,
I read the speech and found that there were only a few pages,
Only a few pages of text can they read for so long? It seems that it is also a kind of knowledge!


Just now I mentioned that I saw the update of blog friends' articles,
I saw Ah hoo 's blog has been updated,
In a word, many people don't update much, but every time they return, they will climb again,
I don't know how many days she can persist again, Wakakaka.

Yes cooing sound of birds I'm looking at my blog,
A sense of inferiority arises spontaneously. The number of words in an article written by her is equal to my number of words in a month

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I think so. If I don't write, I will always get something~


No previous passion
However, I haven't given up yet, but the update is slower, hehe


Look at others', it's very good!


Sometimes I don't want to write after reading other people's articles


Blogging is not based on the number of words. If you have more words, you can write novels [F] Effort [/F]



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