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Precocious 2011-03-01 Talk about a life four thousand one hundred and fifty-five

It's been more than a week since the beginning of school. I walk around the campus every day and look at the school where I have stayed for two and a half years. It's a little lonely

The students in the class are working and the job seekers are looking for jobs. They are all carrying out the final "task" of the school,

College Employment Agreement? A little yellow...


Yesterday, the first plenary meeting of the New Year was held. It was a bit depressing. It lasted two hours, but it was also good. Many people were born.


Today seems to be the day when the scores of CET-4 come out. Ha, many people will lose.


I went to an interview last night. Of course, I am the examiner. The interview position is a service position,

The people interviewed in front of me were very happy. When they met me, they were defeated completely under my difficulties,

When we talked to them afterwards, everyone's impression was not good, which made us too demanding? Or is the overall quality level of the post-90s generation declining?



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Ha ha, we are also the generation who left school.


BZ all examiners
It's my fourth level tragedy~~~


Maybe the post-90s generation lacks too much exercise


You have moved out of Bandari, which shows how confused you are

I can't find anything else

I have been away from school for a long time, and I have forgotten the school

I'm not leaving

I have been away from school for a long time, and I forget the smell of school.

The same stink



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