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No passion

Precocious 2011-02-19 Talk about a life three thousand eight hundred and forty-seven

I said I haven't written anything with passion for a long time,

I don't have the enthusiasm when I started my blog,

In fact, many people are the same,

After passion, we have to guard the empty room,

The friends who wrote the blog at the beginning have almost nothing changed,

I couldn't find some articles to read,

However, it seems that the new legion is still powerful,

Occasionally, new people will come in on the Bomeng QQ group,

Their blog update frequency is called a speed,

I looked scared.


This DBS space has been used for almost a year and will expire in three months,

Many people asked me to change to WP,

I also have this idea,

But I'm afraid I can't stand the trouble,

Changing the program will definitely change the links and other things,

And because I don't like the backstage of WP,

I don't want to move all the time,

No reason, just don't like it.

But sometimes I think again:

Don't I always flaunt myself that this is a life blog?

Why care so much? Whatever the search engine.

But when I think about it, I suddenly think of my former Blogger,

Although it is blocked, it is still fearless to be a reverse proxy,

Blogger can bind domain names, which is no different from changing WP,

I have to say, Blogger is really good.


After work, complain and sigh...

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Passion will burn after a period of silence, but after silence, passion will revive.


I also like the simple life, which is too wonderful and tired, and the pursuit of simple perfection.


Continue to support the change of WP. If you have any trouble, let me help you [F] hh [/F]

No problem, do everything for your friends~~~
You write your own draft, and I copy and paste it to you to publish [F] ai [/F]
Can you help me write a blog... [F]xj[/F]
 Xiao Yang

Eh. Does blogging need passion? You just think of it as an essay diary. Write if you want to, and don't write if you don't want to. If you take him as a burden, you won't like him anymore.



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