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Happy Lantern Festival

Precocious 2011-02-18 Talk about a life three thousand four hundred and twenty

Today is the Lantern Festival. Happy Lantern Festival!
And I came back,
Will arrive at the school,
Last year and today,
I went back to school,
At that time, the school gate was very busy,
There are glutinous rice balls everywhere,
I remember playing outside with a group of friends,
At that time, for special reasons, I had to take charge of the week of 7790 as a disguised "person in charge",
While waiting for the arrival of the landlady, I was also a bit worried about how the newcomers would treat us cynical experienced people.
A week later, when Madam Wo came, I finally felt relieved.

One year later, it was the festival again,
Maybe because this year's school starts the day after tomorrow,
So the school is still very quiet,
There are even few places to eat,
It's really pathetic.
Listen to the fireworks outside,
I wrote these words on my bed,
How sad...

Happy Lantern Festival again!!!

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 Desert haze

fuck... If you graduate A new man came to the bed. He looked up and said, "Which SB wrote the sorrow?"

Mo Lan replied:
Amount Originally here I've been searching for hours
Han Han, do you have a JJ
I mean, I write these broken words in my blog



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