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Return early

Precocious 2011-01-28 Talk about a life three thousand eight hundred and eighty-one

Today, I couldn't help but go to the telecom business hall to open the broadband package in advance and take effect in real time.

The telecom business hall is really big. After I went in, I stood in line to get the number. At first, there were two people in front of me. Fortunately, there were not many people. It was much better than that of ICBC, which I often went to at least 20 people each time. Although, I went to ICBC directly to the VIP room.

But TM has more than a dozen counters, but only two of them are really received.

Not to mention efficiency, everyone should spend at least 15 minutes. I'll change the package. Do you need so long? Garbage! I have to say that the service efficiency of Mobile is very good, and the efficiency and attitude of the staff in the business hall are very good.

Of course, there is still something to be gained. That little MM was fooled by my words and helped me to increase the broadband speed from 2Mbps to 4Mbps. Wow, he made a lot of money.


For normal use IPV6 I can only make my wireless routing into wireless switch mode, and then dial up the Internet on the computer. I haven't figured out how to use IPV6 in routing mode yet. I'm worried.

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