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Send a friend away

Precocious 2010-12-22 Talk about a life four thousand three hundred and seventy-eight

It's a long article. I got up at seven o'clock on December 11, Saturday. It's hard for me to get up so early. I got up and sent my roommate to the army.

My roommate, Wang Li, is also a man of the moment at school. He is an ox man on his way to the student union.

Now, Wang Li has gone to the army and military academy he aspires to. Maybe he didn't feel so sad before, but it really affected me to look at the parents and the recruits' reluctance to leave their families.

Our dormitory sent Xiaofu away a year ago and Wang Li away a year later. What's next? I knew I would leave one day, but I still felt reluctant. I was the only person in Xiaofu's dormitory when he left, but that was because he knew that other roommates would come back a month later, so he didn't feel lonely. Now, Wang Li has left, and I am the only person in his dormitory. The huge dormitory is a little empty, a little lonely, a little Cold. Today is the first day, and I will face this place where six people once lived alone in the next six months. I have left too many memories here.

Wang Li is determined to go to the military academy, and I should also prepare for the conscription next year, with the same goal and different ways. I hope we can meet again, in different places and different times.

Tell Wang Li a word or two that we both can understand: Don't forget our mission and task. Please believe that we can succeed. One year later, wait for me to come. If you don't meet me, you must come to me.

Look at the picture and say:

(The child is speaking at the People's Armed Forces Department as a recruit representative of Ningbo.)


Recruit oath video:

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Oh, this is the soldier's classmate. Just take his QQ as your own

 Siyuan Blog

When I left school after graduation, maybe I didn't experience so many people leaving together.. I was the first one to leave the dormitory For my work

Eh.. I was the last to leave

I will be very sad when I leave again

For the next meeting

I don't know why I noticed their shoes

It is produced by the military factory, and I wear it specially, which is very comfortable



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