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Precocious 2010-10-16 Talk about a life four thousand two hundred and five



Gossip, it seems On the 16th of tomorrow, there will be an anti Japanese parade in Ningbo Tianyi Square, which seems to be approved.

The city's major universities have issued a notice that students are not allowed to participate, and a large number of undercover agents have been sent there.

It is said that Ning Da closed the school and would not give up.

My school is about the same.

Unfortunately, all the posts found have been deleted, and the event is estimated to be true. I don't know whether I can "visit" the site.




PS: I will continue to write my graduation thesis.


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What paper to write in October? Depressed
Didn't you write it next year


Is the graduation thesis difficult
Alas But it should be good for you who are hardworking and have more experience
You are also very thoughtful Ha ha ha
I'm tired of leaving school now I'm so depressed



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