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After watching Tangshan Earthquake

Precocious 2010-07-29 Watch a movie three thousand nine hundred and fifty-three

In the evening, I watched the film Tangshan Earthquake, which is said to be not so good. I have nothing to say about the details of the film. In the words on the Internet, tears are not moving.

As for the others, I would like to say what is the purpose of the film when Mao Zedong died? Is there any need for the plot?
Also, is the phone silent because the battery is gone? It seems that the battery only supplies power to the display screen.

I have said so much, but please remember this log.

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I haven't seen this movie yet, but if the story you mentioned is necessary, I'd better ask those born after 60 or earlier, and those born after 70 should not remember clearly. Only experienced people know whether they need it or not.

 Xiao Yi

To be honest, it's just so so


Tears but not touching, why~


Two years later, the day I was born

 Window of the Horizon

It seems that I have to go and have a look

Go to the cinema
 Xie Tingting

I'm going to see it these days.

PS: Xie Tingting, a very familiar name, is not Xie Tingting on my Tencent Weibo
Very good, suitable for girls

I haven't seen it yet

Where's your head

I've seen it, too Good

Not good



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