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Random talk June 16, 2010

Precocious 2010-06-20 Talk about a life five thousand and fifty-four



Go home for the Dragon Boat Festival,

But he came back the day before the Dragon Boat Festival,

It's not that I don't love my family,

Really, alas... I can't say anything

I'm sorry


Every time I go home, my parents will buy this and that,

It's sad to see that I don't want them to work harder,

So I would rather not go back, but let them pay more attention. Taking care of myself outside is the highest reward,

The teacher is right,

Now when I go home, I cheat on food and drink. Every time, my parents will buy you delicious food,

Wait until they are old and then go back... That's when you show your filial piety!



The so-called Dragon Boat Festival will be over soon,

But I have never eaten a symbolic rice dumpling,

Is there any need for holidays? For me



I'm summarizing my own failures in the past two years,

It may be a fallacy. No one really said that I am poor (except her...)

But I feel very defeated,

Sometimes I think about it when I'm still,

I think of other things



I chat with my friends a lot these days,

Her head is full of her,

I have to straighten out my thinking a little



I talked with Lin Yang the day before yesterday,

It seems that I have forgotten a lot of things I said before,

The only thing I remember is that I called you sister

Look at your mood, I am very confused,

I always think that some man is doing something to you

So that now I don't believe any of your feelings!



Glidge, the boy is getting worse



See off Xiao Ge, Lin Yatou, Chun Juan, Ah Yu, Xiao Hong, Xiao Zhen, Yan Min, Lin Yang... (Why are they all female - _ -),

Is it time to send myself next?


Will Xiaobai come to see me and Xiaohei off?



Others... This semester is very full... but I am very unhappy



PS: This article was posted on QQ space. It has been several days. The tragedy is that the replies are all female...


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 QQ Farm is warned

QQ Farm is warned

After QQ Farm informed me the day before yesterday that I was found using the plug-in, at 05:07 the day before yesterday, QQ Farm Administrator: Dear farm user, your Happy Farm account was found to be using the plug-in recently, if found again next time

 Send and receive school mail

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I found a message on the school's intranet today. The original text is as follows:

 Received the doll from Taobao

Received the doll from Taobao

I didn't have the key to the mailbox a few days ago, but I haven't been able to match it. I went to check it today and found that there was my package sheet in it. I found a way to fold a branch and tie double-sided tape on the head, which cost me a lot

 It's snowing in Ningbo

It's snowing in Ningbo

It snowed in Ningbo yesterday. It was the first time to see snow at school since college. I was very happy

The first post of 2010

I had planned to write something to bless you in the new year, but I didn't want to call you that night when the network was cut off after writing. The next day, I went home directly. It was three days since I met the computer again, so I had nothing to say

Comment List

 Ah Jie

Our parents always treat us as children. Now we are more and more busy. We should take more time to go home and see our parents


People who like to pretend to be men, hehe.

I'm pure
 VC Life Network

In fact, it is also an expression of filial piety when they go back. They are very happy to see you, and both parents are like this


Hehe, my name has a meaning, but I am a man. Be happy.

[F] No [/F] I'm a man, too
 Gifts 114

The blogger gives you some advice! Your font can be bigger! Otherwise, it's too small to read your article and make people dizzy!

My article page is adjustable font.. You can change it if you like

Don't think so much about everything. Just let it be. Being is reasonable

Hmm [F] Shame [/F]

Well, I can't see that you want the man to reply

I didn't say I wanted the man to reply

I felt bored in Mao Deng's class... so I came here to have a look... Actually, I was preoccupied with my own thoughts, but I was even more preoccupied after seeing you... I sighed about life... I sighed about emotions... who came and went, who was who

Reply from Qing:
It's more than a tangle
I feel like I haven't lived a comfortable life for a long time
I'm tired every day
You're confused No

Everyone hopes that bloggers can be happy when they are in a gloomy mood

thank you
 Odlei's amazing deeds

Like poetry

Reply to Audrey's amazing deeds:
 Rainy morning
Rainy morning

Forget me, sad! I'll see you off. However, I really don't want this day to come.
She? who? O(∩_∩)O~

She's my teacher

Then I will give a male reply

I really want to treat you as a woman
 26 kg

Dear little cold... Here I come·

Ah Ya Ya.. You finally stopped writing the website

Life often encounters low ebbs. Don't give up. You will surely see a good scene if you walk slowly.

Rockia replied:
Is it? Ha ha, it just proves that you are the same place as I am. I don't know how to walk. I just came to you.
Hehe, yes! I found you everywhere



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