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I want to sell advertisements

Precocious 2010-06-11 Build a blog four thousand four hundred and twenty-six



The blog has been established for more than half a year, and has experienced a lot..

Now? I want to buy advertising space..

You can buy any advertising space you see in my blog..

If you are interested, please PM me and contact my special email address: [email protected] 。。

Ha ha ha..

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You can add me QQ 15162265 to give you a box of cigarettes


No one wants my blog for 5 yuan/month.

Flip flop
 26 kg

[F] Stop [/F] Xiaohanhan engages in a lottery website... Be careful I report... [F] hh [/F]

Give it to you or
XXVI Reply:
Your email website
Where is it

Anyway, I haven't seen any advertising space here [F] ooxx [/F]

quite a lot.. There are four

"Now, I want to buy advertising space..." It should be a typo, and the identification is complete
If the advertising space is free, give me one

You want it too..

How much can I take?

If it were you.. One digit for you
 Monk Jiese

No, the website can sell advertisements within half a year. The IP must be very big, strong. It's not like my blog.

I don't have IP, nor do I want to have IP, they are all acquaintances..

Want to make money online



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