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It's time to graduate again

Precocious 2010-06-05 Talk about a life four thousand one hundred and six

First of all, I didn't graduate.. Ha ha

There are always many things in June,

From June 1st, the 4th, 7th, 8th... seems to be related to students,

The college entrance examination is coming, and I have no feeling about it now,

Think about yourself two years ago. You are really a mug. You don't know what you are doing every day,

I can't comment on the advantages and disadvantages of the college entrance examination. I just want to say that I want to accept the American style education after the family education of European aristocrats in primary school,

China's primary and secondary schools are heavy, while foreign primary and secondary schools are relaxed,

Chinese universities are relaxed, while foreign universities are heavy indeed.

I sincerely hope that the students taking the college entrance examination this year will achieve excellent results. For Zhejiang examinees, I will continue my free questions and answers of the previous two years!

————————————————Gorgeous dividing line -————————————————————

On the seventh day of the college entrance examination, our school will welcome this year's graduates. In three days, they will finish their college days,

Although they have lived in the society for more than half a year, many friends told me that college is just the right time.

However, when we go out, we must face life and social intrigues,

University is indeed a cautious society, but there is a big difference between the real society,

University is just a place full of fantasy, while society is a desperate place.


After seeing them off, the school will be ready to see me off,

At this time next year, I don't know where I will be, in what capacity I will attend the graduation ceremony, or whether I am qualified to attend.

However, in any case, I will do my best in the remaining two or three months.

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 Rainy morning
Rainy morning

Can we not graduate? College is really good

 Ah Jie

Even when you graduate from the college entrance examination, it is also the time when you leave your alma mater. June will always be accompanied by a lot of departures!


Unexpectedly graduated for many years

Alas.. I'm going out to look for a job
 Programming enthusiasts

I didn't feel good until I left college...

Hehe, I regret not studying hard in my sophomore year
 Creativity has no limit

It has been ten years since graduation, and many memories have been blurred
Sincerely invite the blogger to sit down in my original nest, and change the link by the way.


The school will not send you away, just as you realize the difference between domestic and foreign education. Our school is also different. It will stick a red paper on the wall to give the final notice of leaving school. Otherwise, forced demolition. ha-ha.. It's about this process. I don't know if it's you..

ha-ha.. I've seen it today...

I have graduated for one year and two years

 grain full

Do yourself well silently, and you can always graduate with pride

Don't want to graduate

Bodhisattva will bless you. Jesus will shine on you

Do not believe in Buddhism
 Meow meow

Zheng Yuanjie seems to be quite successful in teaching her son by herself....
Don't you say I forgot the college entrance exam these days, sweat..

You don't remember anything now

Alas, illiterate passed by, never went to college, I don't know what it feels like

Brother Dong is more educated than me
 handsome guy

One is when I graduated from college entrance examination one year...

Killed people all their lives

Think about that year Birthday is the last day of college entrance examination
HIGH Wahaha

Reply from Qing:
Don't envy



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