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Warm "sunshine"

Precocious 2010-05-26 Write a comment five thousand one hundred and forty-four

I received it a few days ago Warm The mouse lamp sent by me has never written an article, because I am taking part in the competition, I am really sorry!

DOULEX, short for "Dule" in Chinese, is a brand focusing on LED creative products that rose in 2009! At present, all series are green and environmentally friendly energy-saving LED.

 Heating lamp

This LED mouse lamp is the latest masterpiece of DOULEX! The shape is lovely, like an egg and a mouse! The most special thing is that it has two switches, one is constant mode, the other is breathing mode, and the light will be the same as the breathing rate of people, one light and one dark, so it is also called the light that can breathe! And it uses energy-saving light source to light up for 2000 hours with only one kilowatt hour of electricity, joining the low-carbon life together! I believe that if you take this baby home, your home will be quite eye-catching!

Xiaohan, I'm still The first doulex mouse lights in the world The people who use this batch of products, especially looking at the next production date, is 2010-4-16, very lucky..

I received a yellow light, and white grass, green, pink, fresh orange and orange are optional. I won't say much nonsense, as shown in the figure above:

 Heating lamp  Heating lamp        

After using it for several days, I felt it was good, especially suitable for lighting when I was disconnected at night..

In view of the special sensitivity of electronic students, I took this apart to see what was inside:

 Heating lamp    

The circuit design is good. I didn't expect that there was a chip in it before I took it apart, because in theory it was a very simple circuit and didn't need a chip,

And I can't see the model of this chip. It may have been deliberately erased to protect copyright..

 Heating lamp

From here, you can see that the design time is really "new". LED is also a new material, which has improved the lighting compared with traditional LED.

I don't know if it is my personal reason. I feel that a defect of this lamp oil is that if the USB is connected to the computer and then turned on, it will light up when the power on key is pressed. No matter whether the light is turned on or not, it cannot be turned off. It can only be turned off when the USB is unplugged and then plugged in.

Do you want to get this mouse lamp like me, as long as you have an independent blog, you are willing to share
Please send an email to [email protected] Tell NuanNuan Shopkeeper that she will contact you in time!

NuanNuan is your creative boutique ”( )If you need to buy more creative products, please contact NuanNuan directly.

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 six hundred and nineteen

Uh.. So cruel [F] Sad [/F]

Er It's not cruel

You forced me to tear it down like this~~

hey.. be curious

Dear, you are too strong... It was dissected. But I regret to tell you that this light is a switch as a whole. You can adjust the gear when you press it. One gear is always on, one gear is breathing, and one gear is off. So we need to use the circuit board, because we need to control== Do you think it can be restored

Ha ha, I can certainly recover it by my means, and it has been modified by me

Many people have been writing about this recently. It seems that this thing is going to be popular. This kind of marketing strategy is very good!

Nobody took it apart as violently as I did



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