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Tencent corporate mailbox trial

Precocious 2010-05-13 Write a comment five thousand seven hundred and twelve


For new products, Tencent always wants to try, and Tencent recently quit Cmail For the email team, I have countless relationships, so I immediately brought an invitation code to try it, and now I present the report:

Unlike Tencent's domain name mailbox, Tencent's corporate mailbox is not bound to QQ mailbox, but independent of QQ mailbox. Although the domain name mailbox can also be logged in separately, it is really good that corporate mailbox can distinguish personal email from work email.

Other domain names on hand are in use for the time being. I took the previous blog domain names to do experiments



Email bulletin board, which enables users to see the latest announcement when logging into the mailbox



According to the test, the organization department in member management can reach the level of ten department, which is sufficient for most companies



The user name must be four characters in the interface for adding members



It provides batch import members, likes one, and adds accounts in batch. It's too troublesome for Tencent to add accounts



Add department account



In the system log, you can view the sending and receiving of emails, management logs, user data, etc. After paying special attention to user data, the administrator was able to view the subject of all emails sent and received by the user. It seems that you have to worry about privacy if you really want to use them, unless they are specifically used for business.



Mass mailing is good for sending notices


Set the administrator (The administrator can manage members, organizations, mail groups, and view logs in this range.)

After logging into the mailbox, it is very simple. The interface is the same as QQ mailbox. You can see the enterprise announcement when you go in, and the capacity is the same as QQ mailbox. The initial 2G can be expanded once every three months!



Mailbox supports POP3/SMTP

Email sending is exactly the same as QQ email

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 Small mirror P

Do you have an invitation code? Could you give it a try? I really want to try this service. [email protected]

I don't have an invitation code either, but the application has been opened. If you are interested, you can go have a look
 Xinxiang website construction

Can you give me an invitation code? I really want to try this thing

[F] When did Hehe [/F] launch it? I don't know... [F] Hehe [/F]

The day before I published the article, hehe.. I'm a veteran of QQ Email. Who told me that I have a secret with the email team!

Personally, it doesn't make much difference

Personally useless
 One plus seven

Today, someone asked me for an invitation code, but I didn't have it myself. Ha ha.
I use Google.

Personally, it's useless
 Loneliness is good

I used to use this too,
I bought my own mailbox in the back.

You can't see clearly even if you brag.. This is not a domain email, but a corporate email

There must be a charge

Probably not

I have come to inform you that my blog has successfully moved~

My blog has moved many times

It seems Tencent is going to attack Google fiercely

hey.. Impact



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