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Precocious 2010-04-09 Draw a circuit four thousand nine hundred and forty-seven



It has been several days since I came back from Hangzhou. I thought I could relax and train at school, but I didn't expect it to be more difficult. These days, I study for more than 15 hours every day. A group of people stay in the laboratory to read books, even lunch in the laboratory. In half a month, I will go to Jinhua to compete and try to enter the national competition!

The competition project is completely determined. Write Linux kernel on Samsung S3C2440 chip, then write ARM program to control the car tracking movement, and add image recognition, infrared temperature measurement and other functions during operation

Take advantage of the rest now, come up and send some pictures to everyone to see...



 lunar rover

General drawing of lunar rover


 lunar rover

Transferring Linux kernel and car control program to the chip on the car


 lunar rover

HD Codeless Chip Diagram


 lunar rover

While debugging the car, I forgot who owns this claw


 lunar rover

I broke the car in pieces that day... Good violence.. It's worth eight thousand


 lunar rover

Image acquisition software.. When the time comes, we will add an image recognition program. The camera is in front of the car...


 lunar rover

These are the data we need to know.. Everything started from scratch, and I learned in the last half month...


Nothing.. end...


PS: Many friends said they couldn't see the picture.. I can do nothing about it, either.. It is estimated that Netcom gave my IP to OOXX...


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Could you please provide the source code of your competition? Urgent!!!!!! thank you Here is the last
 Common leaf
Common leaf

Our meeting only lasted 13-14 hours a day, and you have 15 hours!! Worship~~

 The wind is dancing

Embedded development, cow X

Hehe, a new field, try it decisively

Nothing_ to_ Say [/F] Strongly request to change drawings [F] Angry [/F]

Your network problem [F] Haha [/F]

It's great
I have a classmate next door whose computer is based on the Linux operating system
Let me worship
I really admire you

Don't worship me, brother is just a legend [F] xj [/F]
 In feather

Hurry, I can't see the lunar rover~~Where are the pictures? o_ zero
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Eh.. Out of sight? GD space
 Hear the wind sing

How awesome! I admire you.

Hehe, everyone can learn, see if they are interested.. I never touched it half a month ago



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