Topping Lmhl BiliBili hang up system - v1.1 release food grab TV sickle!

The user center version should be the flag that was set up before the HKCEE. It took a whole night to fill in the flag that was set before the winter vacation. However, due to the hasty completion of the project, there will certainly be a lot of bugs. Here, I would like to ask Dalao to help you find the relevant bugs

Simple PHP script for B station TV

The broken station changed its version today. The API on the PC side was really uncomfortable. I grabbed my mobile phone again, repaired it, and then I was bored. Suddenly, I remembered that I had said in the group to make a simple TV grab script. I thought about it. It seems that I didn't do anything because of my lazy cancer attack. Since I was eating dinner, I would take my mobile phone eggs when I had time

Setting SPF record for domain name to prevent spam forgery and improve the success rate of email sending

First of all, I wish you a happy new year, the year of the dog barking ~ for a long time did not come to see the blog, first to weed, about forged email procedures no longer maintain, please do not bother, thank you, want to let your mailbox not be forged, just look for me to add this site blacklist is not conducive to the matter, is it only me in the world can

Lala, happy New Year ~ new things come out, proxy IP server share

Emmm, I haven't logged into the blog for a long time. I suddenly remember that there is a blog 2333. Happy new year. It has been nearly four years since I started this blog. How time flies. I graduated from junior high school to high school, from mentally retarded to mentally retarded who wants to wear women's clothes. It seems that 2017 has passed without doing anything. In 2016

Free yoghurt the third bomb Italy Telecom mobile direct connect to the sky

I didn't see it for a few days. I found that the first two machines had already been GG, and then I got an Italian machine. When the traffic was exhausted, it would stop and treasure it. It's not recommended to download / share a large number of them. Only a small number of people can do it. Telecom big fish card measured 3.1m/s mobile card 1.3m/s broadband situation is not clear, China Mobile Unicom all direct connection, Unicom around

Free acid s Acid s milk r second bomb Los Angeles garbage line

In the past few days, there have been many problems such as BT download in the last free yoghurt. The number of connections, the number of uplink and downlink explosions, and the consumption of 200g in three days. That is to say, the traffic of that machine this month is basically faster than that of IDC. However, the speed of the computer room in Los Angeles is a little faster than that in Seattle, but it's just a spicy chicken. Or one

The Linux panel appnode is free and open to use. Since then, AMH has been abandoned and the pagoda has been lost

Today, I wandered around the host group and heard that appnode was already available for free. I went to the official website to have a look at the appnode. I really only used the experience version, and the effect was not very good. At that time, the version was not adapted to a lot. Now I see that the introduction should be able to adapt to most mainstream systems, and said that appnode may

S-sour machine in Seattle

A few days ago, I entered a line, a spicy chicken, a Seattle machine, to test the speed. I only have Unicom / telecom / mobile. I can still watch the speed of Unicom. I barely run 700k home Telecom. I feel that this machine is useless. I don't even have a part to ride as a driver. I refit and open an acid s-acid-s-milk directly

PHP Mi score group automatic reply UI code brush

In fact, the first group of students who want to take part in the test will not be able to play in the test group

Note: one click installation of the latest kernel and start BBR script

Recently, Google has opened source its TCP BBR congestion control algorithm and submitted it to the Linux kernel, which has been used in the latest 4.11 kernel. According to the past tradition, Google always uses the code in its own production environment before it can open source the code. This time is no exception. According to

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Alibaba cloud's nationwide cloud activity: domestic / foreign machines have a minimum of 800 in three years and 330 in a single year

The Ba website has been suspended for more than half a year. Alibaba cloud bought it in Beijing last year at one go. All the time, foreign VPS have been using reverse proxy to visit the website. The speed of accessing is really touching. This broken configuration machine costs more than 100 a month, and the bandwidth of 28 yuan per month is only