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Pay as member

In fact, member marketing is also a member of payment, that is, the member marketing service launched by Word of Mouth. Consumers who use Alipay to pay bills in merchant stores automatically become members of merchants. Merchants can use the member marketing tools in the Word of Mouth merchant center to conduct classified management and precise marketing for these consumers, so as to help merchants improve their income and do business better.

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Introduction and settlement of service market

The service market of the open platform is similar to the Taobao seller service, which is provided by a third-party company. It can be a plug-in, such as queuing and reservation; It can also be a menu photo printing service, which is completely based on human resources and offline transactions. Third party companies integrate their own service content into a service product, apply for listing on the open platform of Word of Mouth (Alipay), and merchants complete the follow-up docking of orders in the merchant center, and on-site services are completed through offline communication between third party companies and merchants

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