Brew installation software specified version

Most of the time, due to various dependency reasons, we have to use the old version of the software. However, homebrew will install the latest version every time. The new version will cause many incompatibility problems. Therefore, we want a method that uses brew and can install the specified version.

Take Hugo as an example 0.76.0 , I want to install: 0.75.1

Python Hash Tables: Understanding Dictionaries

Hi guys, have you ever wondered how can Python dictionaries be so fast and reliable? The answer is that they are built on top of another technology: hash tables. Knowing how Python hash tables work will give you a deeper understanding of how dictionaries work and this could be a great advantage for your Python understanding because dictionaries are almost everywhere in Python. Hash Functions Before introducing hash tables and

Play GitHub action and Tencent cloud static website

After the blog was migrated to Hugo last time, it was deployed on GitHub pages. The source code was placed in the master branch, and the compiled static file was placed in the blog branch. Deploy was used

Hello Hugo

Due to the expiration of Tencent's cloud server, the blog was migrated to GitHub pages, using Hugo static blog. During the migration process, an article on "egg coupon currency system" was lost

Egg coupon monetary system

At the beginning of the outbreak, the school gave us free egg coupons. One egg coupon was equivalent to one yuan, and one egg could be exchanged at several designated windows in the canteen. Later, egg coupons can also be used in other windows