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In order to facilitate third-party developers to quickly integrate the microblog SDK, we provide the following contact information to help developers integrate:
QQ group: 284084420 (this group is full) 263989257 (please add this group to IOS)
Weibo: new mobile technology
In addition, regarding SDK bug feedback, user experience, and good suggestions, please try to submit them to Github, and we will solve them as soon as possible.
At present, we are gradually improving the microblog SDK to provide a standardized, simple, reliable, extensible and customizable SDK for third-party developers.


The microblog IOS platform SDK provides a simple and easy to use microblog API call service for third-party applications, enabling third-party clients to authorize login without understanding the complex verification mechanism, and provides microblog sharing function, which allows them to share microblogs directly through the official microblog client.


noun annotation
AppKey The app key assigned to each third-party application. It is used for authentication, source display and other functions.
RedirectURI The application callback page can be found in Sina Weibo Open Platform ->My Application ->Application Information ->Advanced Application ->Authorization Settings ->Application Callback page.
AccessToken Token representing the user's identity, which is used to call Weibo API.
Expire in The expiration time is used to determine whether the login has expired.

Function list

1. Authentication and authorization

Provide developers with Oauth2.0 authorization and authentication, and integrate SSO login function.

2. Weibo sharing

Information sharing from third-party applications to microblog is currently only supported through the official microblog client.

3. Login

The Weibo login button is mainly used to simplify users' SSO login. In fact, it simply encapsulates the SSO authentication process inside.
The Weibo logout button mainly provides a one click logout function to help developers cancel user authorization.

4. Friend invitation

Friend invitation interface, which supports login users to send private message invitations and gifts to their Facebook friends.

5. OpenAPI general call

OpenAPI universal call interface, helping developers access the open api of the open platform( Weibo API )

Scope of application

The following conditions must be met to use this SDK:

  • Register and create applications on Sina Weibo open platform
  • The authorization callback page of this app has been defined
  • The application has been selected as the IOS platform, and the Bundle id and apple id have been filled in correctly

Note: The authorization callback page is invisible to users for mobile client applications, so it will not affect what form is defined, but without definition, you cannot use SDK authentication to log in. It is recommended to use the default callback page


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